Things To Prepare Before Having A Circle Line Downtown (New York) Tour With Kids

circle line downtown

Taking a tour of the Circle Line Downtown with the kids is a great way to get a feel for New York. You and your loved ones will certainly love your Circle Line Downtown tour because of the stunning cityscapes and other New York attractions that you’ll encounter. Preparing ahead is essential; here are some of the things you should prepare before you go.

Leave the Stroller Behind

When using public transportation in big cities such as New York, they simply isn’t enough room to store large pushchairs and prams. The good news is that your child should be able to sit on your lap for much of the journey as even during rush hour many New Yorkers will give up their seat for you. If you have a very young child, consider other ways to taking them such as carrying them in a special carrier that fits onto your back.

Preparing Snacks

The kids are likely to get hungry during the tour, so make sure that you bring along things for them to snack on. Healthy snacks such as fruit and carrots cut into bite sized pieces make the best option as they can be stored in an airtight container and eaten on the go. Opting for sugar free snacks also eliminates the danger of the kids getting a sugar rush and wanting to run wild while you are on the Circle Line.

Don’t Forget the Toys

As all parents know, children can become bored easily, and when that happens they are likely to throw a tantrum. Keep the kids happy and distracted by taking their favourite toy with them. You can keep this toy hidden in your bag if you like and bring it out at the first sign of trouble.

Be Prepared

Although you don’t want to have to take everything but the kitchen sink with you, it is important to be ready for whatever might happen. Some essential items to keep on hand include a change of clothing, baby wipes and tissues. Check twice before you leave for the tour to make sure that you have everything you need.

Simply taking a few precautions can make sure that the trip runs smoothly and doesn’t turn into a nightmare. The kids will soon become grumpy and frustrated if they realise that you are stressed. No matter what happens, try to keep calm and enjoy tour.

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