Things To Do in Minnesota: Ruttger’s Resort on Bay Lake {Our Resort Stay Part 2}

If you missed out on my first Ruttger’s Resort post then you definitely need to head over and read up on their amazing lodging. Our stay was fantastic from start to finish and there is so much to talk about that I’ve had to split it up by categories; lodging, activities and food!

When we checked in at Ruttger’s I was handed a schedule for the weekend. All of the activities are optional and I love that we were able to pick and choose the activities that suited us. Since we didn’t arrive until late in the evening on Friday we chose to just eat dinner and relax. It was wonderful! On Saturday we were excited to do the Coffee and Hot Chocolate Cruise!

The weather was gorgeous and despite the early time of year there was no need for coffee or hot chocolate in order to keep warm. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day for a cruise around the lake! We went out on the pontoon boat which was full of other guests and our driver.

The boats were plenty big for everyone and Ruttger’s provided life jackets for the kids. They even had one small enough for Carson! He was snoozing in no time which we were grateful for as he wasn’t a big fan of his life jacket! He’s got his little face burrowed into Daddy’s chest.

Ruttger’s has a great selection of boats to take out on the lake. They have everything from a speedboat to a water bike! The rates for renting the boats are reasonable and if we didn’t have Carson with us we would have rented a boat and went out on the lake some more. We were glad to get out on the lake during the pontoon boat ride though. That was a lot of fun and a great way to see the surrounding area. Our boat driver was really nice and answered questions we had.

The water was still freezing (as is the norm here in MN for this time of year) although my hubby could only go up to his calves there were two girls that went under water! It was plenty warm however to lounge on the beach in the lawn chairs. We enjoyed soaking up some sun on the beach and I picked up some snail shells for Danika and Aiden. The beach was nice and sandy and it looks like a great spot for swimming.

Ruttger’s also has a spa on the property! If you are looking to get pampered during your getaway then this is the place for you! The FINE LINE SALON & SPA AT RUTTGER’S is an Aveda Concept Salon and carries a full line of Aveda products. Minnesota luxury resort residents are offered services in hair color, design, style, manicures, pedicures, facials, skin care, make-up consultations, body wraps, several different types of massage, and yoga. I didn’t have a chance to visit the spa during out weekend visit but I plan on doing it next time I’m there!

Ruttger’s also has a few different shops on the property. The Bay Lake Country Store is adorable! They have a beautiful selection of products inside. Everything from fancy dresses to comfortable shoes and sandals!

I enjoyed a nice little moment in their cute red rocking chair. You can even see my hubby taking my picture in the reflection on the window 🙂

They also have a coffee shop which wasn’t open yet for the year when we visited. Tea, espresso drinks, smoothies, pastries, candy, and ice cream are more of the favorite treats available at Auntie M’s Kaffeehaus. Minnesota resort guests can enjoy this out-of-the-way spot for playing games, relaxing with the morning news, or shopping for just the right gift!

In the main lodge you can take advantage of the pool, hot tub and sauna! There is a beautiful corner made up of all windows over the hot tub!

Rainy day? Visit Ruttger’s movie room and catch a flick! They’ve got something for everyone!

Other activities include golf on their 9 or 18 hole golf courses, fishing, tennis, biking, along with fun games like horseshoes (which we played and I lost to my hubby), crochet and lots more. Ruttger’s has really done an amazing job at offering up a well rounded selection of activities so no matter what your interest there is sure to be something for you!

We loved that we could relax whenever we wanted and there was always an activity to do if we felt like it. We did things at our own pace and we weren’t bored for a minute! It was wonderful walking around and shopping (we bought some sweet sweatshirts!) and enjoying drinks and an appetizer at Zig’s on the golf course while watching them play. It was the perfect blend of relaxation and entertainment. Ruttger’s gets an A+!


*I received a 2 night stay and MOM package to facilitate this review. My travel expenses were not compensated. My opinions are my own.


  1. Thanks so much for the great review. I have 2 great friends from Minnesota that I met here in Oregon. Both nurses. Someday maybe I will go see the state for myself. It looks pretty. Rita Spratlen
    Glad you had fun!!!

  2. so beautiful. We're actually thinking of doing Minnesota this year ourselves. We've only drive through but never stopped to enjoy the sights.

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