10 Ways To Naturally Relieve Allergies! Natural Probiotic, Essential Oils & More Tips

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After having Brady in February I couldn’t have been more overjoyed to add this little guy to our family. With him being baby #4 I have to admit that life has been a little crazy! Newborns require so much time and attention and when you have three other kiddos to take care of that leads to one very busy mommy. I want to make sure that I’m taking good care of myself so that I can be the best mom I can be for them. That means learning more about the benefits of taking a natural probiotic, investing time into essential oils and more.

10 Ways to Naturally Relieve Allergies - Must Have Mom #NaturalProbiotic #Shop

I am breastfeeding Brady and sleep comes at a minimum so being able to take natural remedies is important to me. Not only do I want to stay healthy and well, but I want to be able to nurse Brady and be safe.  That means turning to natural methods like probiotics, essential oils and preventive measures to reduce my exposure to allergens and keep me feeling well.

Insync #NaturalProbiotic at Walmart - Must Have Mom #Shop

Seasonal allergies are a big problem for me. As soon as Spring hits I start sneezing, rubbing my eyes and generally feel miserable. Being that I am breastfeeding I can’t take my usual allergy medications so I have honed in on natural methods that help keep me feeling healthy and allergy free. Here are the ten ways to naturally relieve allergies that I use:

Insync Natural Probiotic - Must Have Mom #NaturalProbiotic #Shop #CollectiveBias

  1. Take a probiotic daily: I found the Insync natural probiotic at Walmart in the digestive health aisle along with the fiber and other probiotics. I love that I only have to take one a day and it contains doctor recommended B. infantis which is beneficial for digestive health. You might be surprised at how your digestive system plays a big role in your overall health. It’s important to take care of your gut!
  2. Use an air purifier: Find a good air purifier to run in the main living areas of your home and one for your bedroom. I’ve been amazed on how many allergens it has cut down on in the air of our home. I run ours continually during peak allergy season and be sure to clean it often.
  3. Keep your windows closed: When pollen is floating around in the air the last thing you want to do is open up the windows and invite it inside your home. Keep your house as allergy free as possible. Use an air conditioner to cool the house instead of opening windows.
  4. Use essential oils: I diffuse lemon and lavender in a diffuser a couple of times a day. It has really helped my allergies and my 4 year old son’s allergies. You can also add peppermint to the mix unless you are nursing. If you are nursing then avoid any mint oils as they can dry up your milk supply. If you don’t have a diffuser you can also dab some on your wrists or put a little lavender oil under your nose.
  5. Eat local honey: If you buy honey locally it can help to boost your immunity to local pollen and allergens. Since it is made locally it is specific to the allergens in your area. The bees transfer pollen from the flower blossoms to the honey. If you eat a small serving of honey each day you will gradually become inoculated to the irritating effects of the pollen in your area.
  6. Use Breathe Right Strips: These are great for opening up your sinuses without using medications. They work well for when you are feeling stuffed up. They are especially useful at bedtime when I tend to experience extra congestion.
  7. Clean your house more often: This goes hand in hand with creating an allergen free environment. Reduce the number of indoor allergens you are exposed to and you feel better overall. It takes a load off your immune system and frees it up to better fight the outdoor allergens you are exposed to.
  8. Shower after being outdoors: Showering, especially after activities like gardening, will remove allergens from your skin and thus prevent you from bringing them into your bed and from breathing them in more than necessary. Take a steaming hot shower to help soothe your sinuses and clear your nasal passages.
  9. Use saline in your nasal passages: Using a saline rinse like Simply Saline or a neti pot can help thin mucous and provide relief to your nasal passages. It also helps remove pollen and allergens from your nasal cavity. You can even use a saline rinse on children.
  10. Eat spicy foods: Eating spicy foods can help clear your nasal passages. There is an active ingredient in wasabi and in garlic that has a decongestant effect.

If you suffer from severe seasonal allergies then I recommend using the methods above in adjunct to your allergy medication as they can provide improved allergy relief. I’ve been using these methods this allergy season and have found them to be quite effective for me. It’s a great alternative to allergy medications, especially when I cannot currently take allergy medications!

When my allergies flare I also have to take good care of my skin. My skin takes a beating when my allergy symptoms are raging. SkinCareInReview.com offers up a wealth of information to help you choose the best skin care products to nurture your skin back to it’s healthy appearance.

Find more information on Insync Probiotics and their many benefits by following Insync on Twitter and Facebook.

What natural remedies do you use to relieve your allergies?


  1. I am all about essential oils! I have never heard of Insync, but will have to check it out!

  2. We have seasonal allergies in my family. We can always tell when stuff starts to bloom and grow! Great tips!

  3. I really want to try essential oils more. I already do most of the other tips, which are great tips. My allergies can get pretty severe at times.

  4. I love the Insync Probiotic been taking it for aronnd a month already! It is one of the best ones I have tried!!!

  5. Great tips! I get horrible seasonal allergies. Local honey seems to help some.

  6. I use a lot of these tips to combat my allergies naturally. They really do help and keep you at your best functioning health. Great tips!

  7. Angela S says:

    I take a daily probiotic also and it really seems to help. Your new little man is adorable!

  8. My allergies can get pretty bad, and I am always trying new things and I hope this will help me too.

  9. I take a probiotic but have not tried INSYNC brand yet. I will grab some at my Walmart! THX

  10. My husband has horrible allergies. I will have to have him give this a try!

  11. I’m glad to know that there are so many ways to help allergies naturally! I don’t think I’ve tried INSYNC yet, I need to pick some up!

  12. Yes! I do almost all of these except I ran out of my probiotic!!! Definitely need more and I want to try this brand.

  13. I need to pick up some natural honey for my family. Thanks for these natural tips to combat allergies.

  14. this sounds great, can you take it while breastfeeding?

  15. I’e used insync in the past and really liked it. It’s so important to have a good amount of probiotics and taking these makes it easy!

  16. I love these ideas, I also suffer from allergies and it’s not fun! I have been really interested in trying to relieve them naturally too so these tips are great. I tried Breathe Right strips and was completely amazed!

  17. I just had my fourth child in February too! Congrats. I have wondered if I have seasonal allergies sometimes, but I haven’t been tested for them. Thanks for the tips.

  18. My son has bad allergies this year and I SO needed to read this! Thanks for the ideas!

  19. I have horrible allergies. I have been working on dealing with them naturally too.

  20. I didn’t know that probiotics helped with allergies.

  21. Half of this stuff I hadn’t even thought about! Great tips, Sarah! I do eat spicy foods A LOT so that’s one thing I’m doing right so far. 🙂

  22. I definitely do most of these. A saline spray being top of my list. 🙂

  23. Great post with lots of amazing information… I have major allergies and if i can get them under control naturally… like that even more..thanks for sharing, will have to check it out next time I’m at the store… P.S. I loved your little man.. he is adorable

  24. My allergies have hit me bad. I’ve wanted to try essential oils, I had no idea they had so many uses!!

  25. Thank you so much for all these tips! I have horrible allergies and they make me feel so sick. I’ll have to try some (all) of these. #client

  26. nicole dz says:

    I love the Use essential oils tip and the saline one. I have severe allergies and am taking allegra and Flonase. Its nice to know theres natural remedies. Going to try some of these.


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