Easy Toddler Food Ideas! 3-Ingredient Toddler Bites Recipe! Egg Free – Dairy Free – Flourless!

By far one of my most popular posts lately has been my post on how to make mini PB&J finger foods for your toddler who is learning to self feed. In keeping with the theme of easy toddler food ideas I am excited to bring you these amazing 3-ingredient toddler bites! They are incredibly easy […]

Frankenstein Sneaky Veggie Smoothie Recipe

Getting your kids to eat their veggies can be tricky! As a mom of 4 kids I know just how difficult it can be to convince a kid to eat their veggies. I’ve chosen to work veggies into our meals in other ways and get creative rather than always having a battle at the dinner […]

Picky Eater Muffins Recipe That Have DHA, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin D & Prebiotics!

  Do you have a picky eater? My four year old son Aiden is extremely picky. My 2 year old son Carson used to be my best eater and could eat everyone else under the table, but lately he has picked up on his big brothers bad eating habits and has become more picky himself. […]

How To Keep Toddlers Cool & Hydrated This Summer

Keeping toddlers cool and hydrated all Summer long can be a challenge. Any mom knows that reasoning with a toddler can be nearly impossible at times. That’s why it is important to have some simple tricks up your sleeve to keep your tot cool and hydrated this Summer! It is easy for their little bodies […]

Safe, Natural, Effective Cold and Flu Remedies for Toddlers

This has been an awful year for cold and flu as it has run rampant across the country. My household is no exception and we’ve had our fair share of cold and flu viruses running through our house. Currently Danika has a terrible cough and runny nose. At 4 years old she is too young […]

August Family Movie Picks!

With Summer quickly coming to an end I can’t believe how much the weather has cooled here! I’m hoping for one more hot streak before Fall fully sets in. We are usually still swimming well into August. We spent last weekend on the lake all day and enjoyed the rays but I am feeling a […]