Must-Have Fitness Machines: How to Buy an Affordable, Yet Durable Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical machines are some of the best pieces of home exercise equipment you can buy: they are durable, easy to use and can give you a total body workout when the timing is right for you. There’s no need to buy a gym membership and fight traffic to use their machines when you can find […]

60% Off Dawgs Coupon Code + How To Snag Boots, Leggings & A Cardigan for Under $60!

Have you ever wished you could afford to dress how you want to dress? I love clothes and fashion but being on a budget means that I often end up spending my clothing money on cute clothes for my kids and skip over my own needs. Thankfully I have found an amazing deal on fashion […]

Buying Your First Pearl Jewelry Pieces: A Quick Guide for Beginners

Have you ever received a pearl jewelry piece for an anniversary, your wedding or a very special occasion? Have you worn the precious gems with pride or did you push them in the back of a drawer thinking they were dated and not at all cool and modern? In case you own such a piece […]

12 Top Online Shopping Hacks To Save You Money!

We live in a digital era where shopping online has become commonplace. It can be a fantastic resource to save tons of money. I always find myself comparing prices online as well as between local stores and online sites. I save tons of money by simply comparing prices between stores and online sites. How can […]

13 Gifts To Get Your Mom This Mother’s Day (Based on survey results of what she really wants)!

After surveying over 500 moms with children under the age of 18 we wanted to know what does mom REALLY want for Mother’s Day? The answer might surprise you! When considering what gifts to get your mom this Mother’s Day you better read this first! Moms said the number one gift they’d most like to […]

5 Ways To Gift Memories Instead Of Stuff This Christmas!

This post brought to you by Chase Ultimate Rewards. The content and opinions expressed below are that of In the past year I have done a full circle from the person I used to be. I once was a mom who was constantly buying stuff. All sorts of stuff. All the coolest toys, every gadget […]

How to Save Money at Walmart

Walmart prides itself on providing the lowest possible prices on a huge selection of everyday items. This strategy has made Walmart the world’s largest retailer and means the store’s everyday prices are generally very reasonable. Many customers shop at Walmart because they know they can get good deals without having to jump through hoops or […]

Must Have Summer Travel Picks For Kids + Kids Travel Tips!

Traveling with kids can be tricky but it doesn’t have to be! Being prepared with the right tips and tricks and having the best products along will make your trip go more smoothly and will lead to happier memories for everyone! We have learned to travel with our four kids without major incident and we […]

Creating an Outdoor Oasis this Summer {+ $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!}

Summer is upon us and that means we are spending a lot more time outdoors.  Between working in the garden, the kids constantly running and playing, and just spending time with friends and family, it seems we are always outside.  But I want more than just a spot for us to sit.  I want to […]

5 Ideas To Make Your Baby’s Nursery Special

Decorating your baby’s nursery is one of those things you dream about. Will you choose a whimsical theme or go with something more modern? Will you choose bright colors or go with the trendier gold color? What color will your baby’s furniture be? What do you need in the nursery and what can you do […]

*Exclusive Deal Alert!* $1 Lemon Squeezer Giveaway! While Supplies Last!

  *UPDATE* My apologies as the company was having issues with the codes yesterday. This deal is now up and running! There are now 80 lemon squeezers up for grabs so get yours before they run out!  I have got a really fun deal to give you today! I’m so excited to share this exclusive deal […]

Will you Regift for Christmas?

Have you ever re-gifted a present? I have been the recipient of a re-gifted present and I have to say it was a little awkward. I have to say that I don’t necessarily find anything wrong with re-gifting if it is something you truly won’t use and know that someone else would love. Many things […]

Preparing for a New Baby

  Getting your drivers license, graduating college and getting married are all memorable experiences in ones life. They are experiences that change your life forever. But, while these are all great things, having your first child is without a doubt at the top of the list. No longer are you responsible for just your own personal […]

Backyard Back To School Party + Pizza On The Grill! Free Printables, Craft Tutorials & More!

Last week I hosted a fun backyard back to school pizza party with our friends and family. It was so much fun putting together the decorations as back to school time is in full swing. It was the perfect way to end our Summer and enjoy the outdoors before getting back into a normal routine […]

Throw The Ultimate Back To School Party For Kids: After School Snacks, Free Printables, DIY’s & More!

  This weekend we had the ultimate back to school party with my kids, my niece and my nephews. They are all gearing up for back to school and what more perfect way to celebrate than to have a party? I focused on fun after school snack ideas to help out the parents, DIY homework […]

The Best Ways To Save Money At Cub Foods

As the years go by, the price of food seems to skyrocket. Things are just expensive nowadays. While we try to cut cost and save money any and every way that we can, food isn’t exactly something we can cut out of the budget. What we can do, however, is to save money and pinch […]

Wish You Had A Magic Button To Save You Money? Now You Do!

This post brought to you by Loyalty Commerce. All opinions are 100% mine. Do you ever wish you had a magic money saving button? Something you could push to automatically give you the best price on what you’re buying and save you money? I’d love that! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had […]

A-MAY-zing Thirty One Sale!

May 12-21, 2014 only get in on the Thirty One A-MAY-zing Sale! Save big on some of your favorite products! Now is the time to stock up on Birthday and wedding gifts! You can shop the 31 A-MAY-zing Sale on my site now! Just click the rotating sale banner when you get to my site. […]