How To Create An Organized Office! Small Touches That Make A BIG Impact

I have had a new home office in the works for many, many months and I am thrilled that it is just about finished!!! I was very purposeful in my design of this office. I wanted an organized office that looked sleek and tidy. I wanted a modern look with rustic touches. It really is […]

How To Create An Organized Home (And Get The Rest Of Your Family To Help!)

This past year I have undertaken the huge chore of decluttering and creating a more organized home. I find that when my home is clean and organized I am much more relaxed and far less stressed out. It’s worth it to get organized folks! I have gone through and gotten rid of so much STUFF […]

12 Life Hacks for Organizing

I LOVE hacks. Do you know what a hack is? Basically it’s a trick to make something easier. There are so many fabulous hacks out there that I would have never thought of! I love compiling them and burning them into memory so I can incorporate them into my daily routines. Here are 12 life […]

DIY Storage Options For Your Home

    No matter how small or how big your home is, there is always a need for organization. Keeping things organized will help you not only to save time but also money as you won’t find yourself buying unnecessary items anymore. When it comes to organizing the garage, the craft room or even a […]

Getting Organized (And Showing You My Embarrassing Photos!) With Banker’s Boxes!

I like to have an organized home and in general my house is pretty tidy and organized. The main living area is fairly clutter free and I keep it clean. The one room in my house that seems to get trashed the fastest is my OWN room! I think it’s the one room that everything […]

Prince Lionheart Modular Diaper Depot Review!

I have to be honest. I really dislike my changing table. Not because it’s blue and my baby is a girl (I had great intentions of  painting it), but mostly because it’s always a mess. With two kids still in diapers, we always have two different sizes. I try to keep the diapers stacked neatly, but they always […]