How To Turn a Diaper Box Into A Fabric Covered Basket! No Sew! + ALDI Gets New Affordable Baby Line!

Moms know how quickly baby products add up and bust the budget. You want an adorable nursery with all the cute decor and the best baby care products out there, but how do you keep it affordable? I’ve got some must have tips for you to have the stylish nursery you crave and the best […]

5 Ideas To Make Your Baby’s Nursery Special

Decorating your baby’s nursery is one of those things you dream about. Will you choose a whimsical theme or go with something more modern? Will you choose bright colors or go with the trendier gold color? What color will your baby’s furniture be? What do you need in the nursery and what can you do […]

5 Nursery Essentials + A Safe Crib Bumper Alternative {+ Fresh Air Crib Liner Giveaway}

  Having a newborn in the house typically brings to mind images of adorable new babies and the accompanying loss of sleep that comes with that precious bundle of joy. While I have always enjoyed my newborns, I have not enjoyed the loss of sleep that they bring with them. As a mom of four […]

Prince Lionheart Modular Diaper Depot Review!

I have to be honest. I really dislike my changing table. Not because it’s blue and my baby is a girl (I had great intentions of  painting it), but mostly because it’s always a mess. With two kids still in diapers, we always have two different sizes. I try to keep the diapers stacked neatly, but they always […]

Final Thoughts On The Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers & New Improved Wipes Trial

Over the last several weeks I’ve been sharing my thoughts on the new and improved Huggies Snug & Dry diapers as well as their line of wipes. We have put them to the test on both Carson, my 9 month old, and Aiden, my 2 year old. Now our trial is coming to an end […]

Clean Up BIG Messes With New and Improved Huggies Wipes!

As a busy mom of 3 kids age 4 and under if there is one thing I know a lot about it is messes! Whether at home or on the go we are always in need of quick clean ups! Huggies has improved three different wipes in their line up! The Natural Care, Simply Clean and […]

aden + anais Has A NEW Product To Keep Your Baby Cozy All Night Long!! aden + anais Classic Crib Sheet Review + Giveaway!! #SIYS

I’ve been a big supporter and die hard fan of aden + anais products for years now. Back before they sold them at Target I was here telling you how amazing they are. Fast forward a few years (and a couple more kids) and I’m still singing their praises. aden + anais has got it […]

Introducing the Ubbi Diaper Pail! Sleek, Stylish Diaper Pail That Allows You To Use Your Own Bags!

We use both cloth and disposable diapers. When we are traveling or away from home we use disposables and we also use them on occasion when the boys get a diaper rash simply because it is easier to slather them up with diaper cream and not worry about it getting on my cloth diapers. That […]

Creative Alternative to Photo Albums

I have some definite mommy guilt when it comes to my kids empty baby books and lack of printed photos on display. It seems to be the one thing that I just don’t ever get around to doing. It is one of those projects that I will get to someday. Hopefully before they graduate high school! […]

aden + anais Burpy Bibs & Snap Bibs Review AND Giveaway!! (CLOSED)

Carson is getting bigger and lately he is quite the little drool monster. Between drooling and spitting up he is always getting the front of his shirts wet. In an effort to save his outfits and reduce the number of outfit changes a day I figured I better find him some great bibs to wear. […]

2011 Holiday Gift Guide: The Forever Moments Review + Discount Coupon Code!

Here is an awesome, personal gift idea for Christmas, baby showers and more. The Forever Moments is a great site started by moms that were tired of all of those adorable baby and kid pics sitting in the drawer unused and gathering dust. I LOVE scrapbooking but now that I have three kids I haven’t […]

2011 Must Have Baby Products!

Here it is! The long awaited 2011 Must Have Baby Products list! This list includes all of my top picks for baby. These are all products that I’ve either bought, received as gifts or reviewed. They are my personal favorites and the products that I wouldn’t want to be without. With Carson being just 2 […]

Boppy Pillow and a Boppy Shopping Cart Cover Giveaway!! (CLOSED)

I think every Mom knows the name “Boppy”. It’s a standard “must have” item for every nursery. It’s the feeding pillow that makes nursing your baby more comfortable and easy. We love our Boppy pillow and it’s stationed in our living room next to my glider, rocker chair. The Boppy Pillow has been named the […]

Swaddle Your Baby and Soothe Them! Babybonkie Review

Swaddling is an age old technique used to soothe fussy babies and make them feel more secure and sleep more soundly. Carson is notorious for waking himself up at night with his flailing arms so I have found that swaddling him helps to calm him and keep him from waking himself up. He is a […]

October is SIDS Awareness Month! aden + anais Review!

Did you know that October is SIDS Awareness month? As a mother to 3 beautiful young children this is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Not only am I a Mom but I am also a Registered Nurse and when I worked in Labor and Delivery (before having Danika and deciding […]

The BIG Reveal! Our Nursery Makeover Unveiled!!!! Please vote for us!

I can finally reveal our big nursery makeover! I’ve been lucky enough to be participating in the Chase Blueprint Baby Challenge which entailed me doing a total makeover of Aiden’s room and turning it into a nursery to welcome our son due in August. I was given $2,000 from Chase to complete the makeover and […]

Chase Blueprint Baby Challenge: Nursery Makeover Almost Finished!

I have been taking you along on my journey to transform what was once Aiden’s room and then the playroom into the baby’s special nursery. If you missed my first couple of posts let me fill you in on the challenge. I was chosen to participate in The Blueprint Baby Challenge and I have been busy making over […]

The Nursery Makeover Begins!!!

I told you how excited I was to get started on my big nursery makeover and I’m so happy to tell you that the makeover has begun! If you missed out on my first post I’ll give you a quick recap. I was chosen to participate in the Blueprint Baby Challenge and I am so […]