Burning Fat Fast: A Scientific Approach to Losing Your Baby Weight

You gain about a pound a week during your pregnancy. But in childbirth and in the week that follows, as you would expect, you get to lose as much as 12 pounds in a very short period of time. By taking a scientific approach to burning fat fast, you’ll understand what is needed to actually […]

How To Get Started Juicing & Stay On Track To Losing Weight! {+ Free Weight Tracker Printable}

I was beyond excited when this beauty showed up at my house this month! I am officially the owner of a juicer now. What the heck is a juicer? That’s what this beauty is, a juicer. It extracts the juice from fruits and veggies and allows you to make your own juice. That means you […]

5 Must Have Weight Loss Tools To Make Your Goal Achievable!

It seems that with every New Year comes a new set of weight loss goals for people.  I was watching Live with Kelly and Michael this morning and they joked that already the gym is less crowded with the January influx of resolution-makers. It’s true that we often start out the year with a list […]

Must Have Mom and Weight Watchers Team Up To Bring Healthy Weight Loss Options To Moms!

I am SO excited to announce that Must Have Mom has teamed up with Weight Watchers to bring healthy weight loss options to Moms! I have had four babies in six years. I say that I have four kids age six and under all the time so it really doesn’t even sound all that amazing […]