How to Talk to Your Child About Online Safety and ACTUALLY Get Them to Listen!

Talking to your child or teen about online safety can seem like an overwhelming task and certainly is one of those things that is easy to put on the back burner. This day and age though it should be ranking at the top of our to do list. With stories in the news every day […]

How Do You Share Awesome? + Giveaway!

Everyday I share milestones that my kids hit on digital media. Whether it’s a quick tweet, a photo on Facebook or an Instagram share, I am always documenting milestones with photos that go out to the world. We live in a digital age where so many people are sharing moments online. How do we make […]

How To Organize Your Life! Practical Ways To Stay Organized Every Single Day.

I am on a mission to get and STAY organized this year. I want everything to have a place and I want everything running on a system. As a family of six, yes SIX, there is only one of me to keep the train on the track so to speak and getting organized is the […]

Do you have LifeLock on your back to school list? + LifeLock Promo Code!

We have been busy getting ready for back to school which will be here in just a couple short weeks! We start school the day after Labor Day and I can’t believe how fast it’s sneaking up on me. We’ve been getting our back to school shopping done here and there and we just have […]