Burning Fat Fast: A Scientific Approach to Losing Your Baby Weight

You gain about a pound a week during your pregnancy. But in childbirth and in the week that follows, as you would expect, you get to lose as much as 12 pounds in a very short period of time. By taking a scientific approach to burning fat fast, you’ll understand what is needed to actually […]

Setting Myself Up For Success: Planning Ahead For Healthier Habits

I love my kids. I would do anything for them. They are the joy in my day and the light in my life. There are four of them and one of me and often times that leads to one very tired out mom by the end of the day. I always put my kids ahead […]

20 Quick Healthy Meals To Satisfy Your Cravings

Check out 20 Quick Healthy Meals To Satisfy Your Cravings by Sarah Minnesota Mama at Foodie.com I have been working on getting healthy in the New Year and changing my eating habits. I know so many people start off the New Year filled with motivation and that quickly fades away and leaves them craving their […]

5 Must Have Weight Loss Tools To Make Your Goal Achievable!

It seems that with every New Year comes a new set of weight loss goals for people.  I was watching Live with Kelly and Michael this morning and they joked that already the gym is less crowded with the January influx of resolution-makers. It’s true that we often start out the year with a list […]

Must Have Mom and Weight Watchers Team Up To Bring Healthy Weight Loss Options To Moms!

I am SO excited to announce that Must Have Mom has teamed up with Weight Watchers to bring healthy weight loss options to Moms! I have had four babies in six years. I say that I have four kids age six and under all the time so it really doesn’t even sound all that amazing […]