18 Game Day Appetizers

Getting your home game day ready can be fun and festive! When I think of football I think of awesome game day appetizers to load up on! Before your big football party be sure to get your house game day ready with P&G essentials like Tide and Downy to make sure you have clean, fresh team […]

Grilled Pineapple Upside Down Cake Recipe

  I can’t even believe it is already Labor Day weekend looming ahead. This Summer flew by. Perhaps it was the short burst of warm weather we had here in Minnesota or maybe the extremely frigid Winter followed by the very short Summer. Whatever the reason, this Summer was short! It is already back to […]

The Best Ways To Save Money At Cub Foods

As the years go by, the price of food seems to skyrocket. Things are just expensive nowadays. While we try to cut cost and save money any and every way that we can, food isn’t exactly something we can cut out of the budget. What we can do, however, is to save money and pinch […]

How To Save At The Grocery Store By Planning Meals According to Sales

    I often get asked how I can feed our family of 6 on a grocery budget of $400 a month. There are many ways to answer the question of how to save at the grocery store. I use coupons and shop sales. Menu planning is also a big part of saving money at […]

New Cub Foods Digital Coupons Mean No More Coupon Clipping!

I used to be the queen of clipping coupons and matching sales. I would sit every Sunday and clip my coupons and organize them into categories and then scour the ads matching up sales with my coupons. That was when I had one child. Now I have four kids and while I could use the […]

Savings Tips For Feeding Your Family + Hurry and Enter The Love Your Cub Contest!

Last week’s post about budgeting my family’s groceries got a lot of inquiries as to how I manage a $400 budget each month for our family of 5. I will be sharing more on that in the coming months as I compile my monthly shopping lists and meal plans for you. In the mean time […]

How We Budget Groceries For a Family of 5 {+ Cub Foods $4,500 Gift Card Giveaway}

Budgeting groceries for a family of 5 (plus I am pregnant!) can be challenging. I have got it down to a science now and it’s a well oiled machine that doesn’t take a whole lot of thought now. In order to stay on budget each month you need to set a number and stick to […]

Love Your Cub Contest ~ $4,500 Cub Foods Gift Card Giveaway!

What is your monthly grocery budget? Do you keep track of what you spend and set a budget for yourself? We budget $400 a month for our family of 5 and I’ve been able to stick to that every month. I find it so helpful to have a budget and know what I can spend […]

Enter The Love Your Cub Contest & Win A $4,500 Cub Gift Card!

How awesome would it be to win your Cub groceries? I would love not having to pay for groceries for awhile! With a family of five we certainly go through our fair share of groceries every month. How would you like to win $4,500 in free groceries from Cub?! Here is how you can enter […]