Why Is Motion So Important To Babies?

I think Brady is by far my most active baby. He is constantly moving and happy. If you hold him up in the air his little legs start running! He is happiest when in motion. This seems to hold true for most babies, whether they like to be in moms arms rocking or swaying or […]

Summer Infant Connect Plus Internet Monitoring System Allows You To Watch Baby From Anywhere!

My little baby boy is due in just one month and I can’t believe I am already so close to the finish line! I have definitely been nesting and I’ve been keeping busy washing baby clothes and cleaning and organizing my house before he arrives. I have also been setting up his nursery and getting […]

The BEST Wood High Chair Out There! {Trust Me I’ve Tried A Ton!}

I am in love with the look of wood high chairs but in my search for the best wood high chair out there I have come up short. Until now. I have finally found the best wood high chair and I love it. After trying Keekaroo, Badger Basket, among others, I am in love with […]

Carry Your Baby In Style With Hotslings! {Hostlings Baby Carrier Review & Giveaway!}

Carson is a year old and while he can walk (and run) just fine there are still plenty of times when he needs to be carried. Often times I need to go somewhere where it isn’t practical to take a stroller and I can’t have him running free. I want a baby carrier that is […]

Finally Time For Spring Walks With Carson!

So our Spring came early last month and we were so excited about the nice temps and unseasonably warm weather. Then we got 8” of snow dumped on us and everyone got a little depressed. It finally looks like our nice Spring weather should be coming back again! I’m so excited to go for walks […]

ERGObaby Papoose Coats Review AND Papoose Coat Giveaway to 4 Lucky Winners!

I’ve been teasing you with my upcoming ERGObaby Papoose Coat review and giveaway for quite awhile now. Our weather here seems to be teasing us too! It will get warm and beautiful and then all of a sudden 8” of snow will fall on us! The weather can’t seem to make up it’s mind! It’s […]

Wordless Wednesday! Baby Carson’s First Bath!

 Carson’s first bath at home was a family affair. Dad was our photographer, I was in charge đŸ™‚ hehe, Danika was on soap and towel duty and Aiden was in charge of holding the lotion. The kids loved playing a part in giving him his first bath. They really have stepped up at being great […]

EcoMom Puj Tub Review & Gift Certificate Giveaway!! (CLOSED)

Baby bath tubs offer the convenience of being able to fill a small tub, thereby saving water, to wash your baby. They also offer a smaller area to contain your baby and make them feel safe and secure during bath time. One thing they don’t usually offer is easy storage. I hate how much room […]

Go Anywhere Booster Seat Review & Giveaway!

 If there is one thing we do often it is eat on the go. Whether we are going out to eat on the weekend or eating over at Grandma’s house we are always in need of a portable booster seat. I hate using the high chairs at restaurants because they are often really dirty and […]

Baby Shower Event! Summer Infant BabyTouch Digital Video Monitor Review & SuperSeat Giveaway!

The Summer Infant BabyTouch Digital Video Monitor is one of those baby products that you don’t realize how much you need it until you’ve tried it out. Before I had kids I would laugh when I saw video monitors and say “What the heck would you need one of those for?”. Well, I’m a convert […]

Kolcraft Contours Optima Double Stroller Review AND Silent Auction!!

When you have more than one child under the age of 3 a double stroller is a must have. Danika isn’t big enough to walk a long distance yet. I’m a huge fan of the Kolcraft Contours Options II Tandem Stroller which I reviewed for them in the past. My one suggestion for improvement was […]

Baby Shower Event! Nap Nanny Chill Review!

With my third baby on the way and two curious toddlers to tame once he gets here I need to have a safe place that I can put the baby down and know that my little ones won’t be picking him up or stepping on him. The Nap Nanny Chill is a great invention that […]

Baby Shower Event! Bright Starts InGenuity Portable Swing Review & Giveaway!

One thing every new mama needs in her arsenal of baby gear is a great baby swing. One thing to think about is the amount of space you have in your home and whether you want a full size swing or a portable swing. Portable swings are great because not only do they not take […]

What Features Are Important In Choosing A Crib?

With our little guy due this August it leaves me asking myself what features are important in choosing a crib? With baby crib recalls in the news so much over the past year due to their safety issues it makes me want to take a closer look at what’s important. The major issues with baby […]

Britax Roundabout® 55 Car Seat Review!

 Britax has a reputation for high quality car seats. Their range of safety features is well rounded and gives me peace of mind that my kids are safe while we travel. We received the Britax Roundabout 55 for review and we were really impressed with it. We put it in my husband’s truck which doesn’t […]

Peapod Creations Huge Baby Giveaway!

I just can’t wait for my newest little guy to get here this Summer! One of the things I love about preparing for baby is finding all of the best products on the market. Peapod Creations has these amazing blankets and burp cloths that I just love. They are thick and cuddly and come in […]

Sunshine Kids RadianXTSL Car Seat Review!

Awhile back I brought you a great giveaway from Sunshine Kids of their RadianXTSL Car Seat. I wanted to share my thoughts with you on this great car seat. As Aiden has finally grown out of his infant seat we’ve been exploring different car seat options to bring you the best picks. One reason I […]

All Things Baby! AMP Diapers now available in the US!

Being 15 weeks pregnant I’ve got baby on the brain! That means I just love finding great baby products and I can’t wait to have a newborn around here again! Eyla’s Imports is the importer and distributor of all natural, organic and healthy products. They have some great products that they are bringing to the […]