How To Create An Organized Home (And Get The Rest Of Your Family To Help!)

This past year I have undertaken the huge chore of decluttering and creating a more organized home. I find that when my home is clean and organized I am much more relaxed and far less stressed out. It’s worth it to get organized folks! I have gone through and gotten rid of so much STUFF […]

How To Teach Your Child Spanish Without Hiring A Tutor

Want to teach your child Spanish without hiring a tutor? Avoid costly tutors and still reap the benefits of a bilingual home with Stories by Gus on the Go! What is Stories by Gus on the Go? Gus, the language loving owl, travels through familiar and timeless stories that incorporate auditory pronunciation and written Spanish language. […]

How To Get The Best Kids Apps For One Low Price

I am always on the hunt for the best kids apps, and it can be SO hard to find quality apps that keep my kids engaged and don’t have ads popping up all the time. The times I have spent money to buy my kids apps, and do away with the ads, they have quickly […]

Hoorray Makes Recipe Finding, Meal Planning & Grocery List Making Easy!! {+ $50 Williams-Sonoma Gift Card Giveaway!}

It seems like everyday a new app hits the app store so it can be hard to navigate which apps are worth your while and which ones aren’t worth a second look. For all of you foodies, moms who make dinner and wannabe foodies out there, the new app, Hoorray! is for you. This app […]

DIY Homework Station Idea

School is just around the corner and I’m still trying to figure out how Summer flew by so fast! I’m seeing back to school stuff popping up in the most prominent locations of every store I visit. I guess that means it is time for me to start prepping for all the lovely things that […]

11 Incredible DIY Photo Projects + Easiest Way To Organize Your Photos!

If you are anything like me then you’ve got tons of photos sitting on your computer or your phone just begging to be viewed. You take them, maybe share one on Facebook or Instagram and then they sit in your computer unused. Ages ago I used to develop my film and print the pictures and […]

Teach Your Baby or Toddler Multiple Languages + FREE Resources To Do It!!

Your baby’s brain undergoes phenomenal growth that is unequalled at any other time of their life between birth and age 3. How do you take advantage of this window of opportunity to give your child the best start in life? You’ve likely heard the phrase that a child’s brain is “like a sponge”? This is especially […]

No Time For Scrapbooks? Use This Instead!

I have never been good at documenting memories. I look back at my dating years with my hubby and there are hardly any photos of us. It was the day and age when social media didn’t exist like it does today and no one shared their every waking moment online. Now I look back at when […]

Cool New App Allows You To Easily Animate Your Photos & Share Them!

There is a new app in town and I have to say it’s really cool. Cam Animate is a free app that allows you to easily animate any photos and send them in a message or share it on social media. It’s a really fun way to send a Birthday message, playdate invite or just […]

The Must Have Game For iPad

iPads are all the rage and while we are all very familiar with apps and how much our kids love playing games on our iPads, one new game aims to take our game play to an entirely new level. Osmo has come out with a new iPad game that is interactive and it will blow […]

Captain McFinn Swim & Play App Provides Interaction Like Never Before!

My kids love the iPad and like so many kids out there they love to earn screen time. I am always on the lookout for educational apps that will reinforce things that I try to teach my kids myself. A new app has hit the app store and it’s worth mentioning. Captain McFinn Swim & Play […]

Helping Kids Learn And Explore In Playful, Imaginative Ways: Have An Outer Space Theme Day!

It is so important that we teach our kids new things each day. That might sound like a daunting task but it really doesn’t have to be! There are so many things to learn about the world around us and teaching our kids can be as simple as talking about the colors or shapes around […]

How To Keep Your Information Secure While Shopping Online This Holiday Season

Shopping online is a fantastic way to grab the best deals right from your home. You can do it in your pajamas so you can’t beat the convenience of it. It seems every holiday season we hear about hackers gaining access to confidential information including credit card info, banking numbers and passwords. Once they have […]

Turn Your Photo Memories Into A Kwilt!

My kids are growing up before my eyes and I cannot believe how fast it is flying by. One thing I am SO bad about is keeping up with photos. I started making photo books and printing them and I am still over a year behind. I feel terrible that I am so far behind […]

How To Teach Reading Skills To Your Children

When I was growing up I couldn’t read enough books. I loved them. It was like an addiction, an itch I could never scratch. I excelled at reading, always won trophies in the Summer reading program at our library and more often than not you’d find me with my nose in a book. I loved […]

Kids Dinosaur Activities ~ Have Your Own Dinosaur Themed Day!

Picking a theme for the day and planning themed activities is one of my kids favorite things to do. I think back to school and some of my favorite ways to learn were through themed units. I try to recreate that structure for my own kids and plan a unit for learning. They think it’s […]

Burned Popcorn Again? See My Trick To Get A Perfectly Popped Popcorn Every Time!

This post brought to you by Pop Secret. You know what I love? Popcorn. I eat a bag of popcorn at least five times a week! My hubby is equally addicted. You know what I hate? Burned popcorn. It stinks up the whole house and ruins the whole experience of consuming a delightfully popped bag […]

Have Fun With Colors! Fun Ways To Teach Kids About Colors

Children all learn in different ways and I am a big fan of giving them multiple platforms to learn on. Some kids learn best by hearing, some by doing and others by seeing. This week I’ve been teaching the kids all about colors! Colors are such a fun topic to learn about because there is […]