Save your children from accidentally being backed over by a vehicle

In the U.S. at least fifty children are being backed over by vehicles EVERY week. Forty-eight (48) are treated in hospital emergency rooms and at least two (2) children are fatality injured every WEEK.

• The predominant age of victims is one year olds. (12‐23 months)
• Over 60% of backing up incidents involved a larger size vehicle. (truck, van, SUV)
• Tragically, in over 70% of these incidents, a parent or close relative is behind the wheel

Being a mother to 3 children age three and under these statistics are staggering to me. We’ve all heard stories of a parent or relative accidentally backing over a child and killing them. I absolutely cannot imagine the horror they must go through and I don’t even want to think about it. After visiting and seeing the countless, heartbreaking stories of kids being backed over I knew I needed to do something to protect my own kids and the kids of others.

I read up on the safety sheet offered on their site and one of the recommendations for reducing the potential for a backover to occur was to install a back up camera in your vehicle. I researched back up cameras and found that the maker of our GPS unit, Magellan has a back up camera kit that works in conjunction with your GPS unit. I loved the idea of having a two in one product with both the camera and the GPS unit.

We had the camera installed on our minivan. I am always afraid of having something or someone behind me when I back out of our driveway. Living in the country our kids are always outside and our dog is too. Not to mention all the toys strewn all over the yard and driveway. While I always check where the kids are before leaving there is always potential for an accident to occur. As you can see the Maggellan Wireless Back Up Camera installs on your license plate. Here in my picture I am not showing you the shiny, new camera freshly installed, but rather I’m showing it as it is when we’ve been using it. It’s dusty and dirty from driving down our dirt road and despite that it still works perfectly.

The Back-Up Camera is both dustproof and waterproof to IP67 standard, it provides a clear  120-degree rear view behind your vehicle and increases the safety and security for your small children and pets. The Transmitter is also water resistant (to IPX4 standard) and is adaptable for most vehicles, SUVs and RVs.

The Back Up Camera is designed to work in conjunction with their Roadmate series of GPS units. We used it with the Magellan Roadmate 9055-LM. The screen is a huge 7” and is designed to work well for larger vehicles and trucks.

The Magellan RoadMate 9055-LM is a premium GPS navigator with a huge 7″ touch screen and packed with features including lifetime map updates1, Bluetooth calling, OneTouch™ favorites menu, free lifetime traffic alerts, highway lane assist and built-in AAA TourBook®, plus much more.

Once you put your vehicle into reverse the GPS screen will switch from the map to the back up camera. It will enable you to see what is below your rear window and features a wide-angle viewing lens that provides a 120-degree viewing area behind the vehicle. As you can see here in my demo Aiden, Danika and our dog were behind the vehicle and I was unable to see them with my rear view mirrors.

I can’t tell you how valuable this back up camera is. Just the possibility that it will save the life of one of my children is worth every penny to me.

My husband would like to also get one for his truck. Not only does he want one for the safety of the kids, but he also thinks it would really come in handy for backing up his truck to hook up to a trailer. The camera would be able to guide him rather than having to blindly back up or have someone else present to direct him.

The GPS unit is a valuable device to have on the road as well. It is easy to use and has a great touch screen. We’ve used this while navigating in big cities and rural areas and it has worked really well to get us to our destination. I love that when we are out of town and are looking for a place to eat or shop we can simply search the restaurants or shops in the area and the GPS unit will tell us what is nearby and how near or far it is. Once we decide on a destination it will guide us there with step by step directions.

The voice that gives you directions is not annoying which is very important to me and my husband. Who wants to listen to a grating voice for hours on end during a trip? Not me! Listening to my kids whine is enough for me 😉

The pictures and maps are really useful as well. It shows you upcoming signs to watch for and makes it easy to follow the directions. If you take a wrong turn it simply re-routes you to the correct destination.

This GPS unit makes navigating in unfamiliar territory a breeze. Now that I have my kids in the car with me I don’t ever want to get lost and end up in an area I’m not familiar with. Now I have the security and peace of mind knowing that the Magellan Roadmate will guide me to my destination and help me find locations nearby that I’m looking for.

Magellan Roadmate 9055 and Back Up Camera kit on their site as well as at retailers near you. It will be money well spent.


*I was provided product for review purposes only and was not compensated for this review.


  1. Automobile-related accidents are one of the biggest things I would worry about if I had kids. (Still planning my wedding so don't have any children yet!) I didn't know they made GPS with cameras attached – this is a really good idea.

  2. anonymous says:

    So… giveaway?! PLEASE! This is a fantastic review! We soo need this (4 four and under), as we are considering upgrading out of our beloved minivan sooner than later 🙂 I have this fear as well (of backing over a little-if not my own, than the neighbors!), and now that we have toddler carseats 3-wide in the back row, we can see almost nothing! I am soo gonna look into this for Christmas!


  3. I agree with Nancy, giveaway please! 🙂 Ever since Steven Curtis Chapman lost one of his children in this way I have been pretty paranoid about backing up anywhere. Thank you for the review, I NEED one of these!

  4. anonymous says:

    I live in an apartment complex and we always have kids running around and playing. I def. need one of these. Thanks for letting me know!

  5. I am one of those moms who lost a child because of a back-over. It's been four years since the accident, and I have another Mini van. I had a back up camera installed and also a reverse beeper.
    The beeper gets the attention of anyone within ear shot and can be slightly embarrassing, but I would rather be a little embarrassed than go through what I have been through again.
    You can get a reverse beeper at just about any auto store.

    Very nice blog.
    do you mind if I follow you?

  6. anonymous says:

    I think these back up cameras are a great idea, not just for parents but for everyone. they should be standard issue in vehicles, not an add on. My try has the back up beeper, and while it is embarassing, I am sure it has prevented me backing into countless things.

  7. Love the idea of a back up camera! Reading the statistics made me so upset 🙁 I hate thinking about children getting injured. With my big boat of a SUV backing over a child or someone's pet is my worst fear! Great review 😀

  8. I have a Magellen but not a back up camera. It looks really clear on the screen.

  9. Fantastic review! This looks really neat! I love the company as well!

  10. If I didn't already have a camera built into the rear of my minivan we would most definitely be getting one of those. The thought of running over one of our kids … ughh … terrible.

  11. What a smart product! I'm definitely looking into getting one!

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