Pro Tip: How I Use to get 20% Cash Back, Free Shipping & Free Returns at my Favorite Retailers! $500 Visa Gift Card Giveaway!

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I am so excited to let you in on my little shopping secret…I’ll show you how I use to save big and get 20% cash back on my online Christmas purchases along with free shipping and free return shipping. I’m so glad wanted to partner with me to bring you some great shopping info and an amazing $500 Visa Gift Card giveaway (keep scrolling!).

With, you’ll get cash back, free shipping and more savings benefits at over 1,000 online retailers!

I bought a family member a Birthday gift that they had on their wish list. When she received it she realized that she had put the wrong size on her wish list. She needed a smaller one and of course I wanted to give her exactly what she wanted. I offered to return it and order the smaller size.

I went to Amazon to return it and discovered that I would need to pay $10 to return it. It just wasn’t worth returning it for that cost so I ended up keeping it and buying another one in the correct size. If I had been a member of then I would’ve been able to return it for FREE. Ever since discovering this I have been a loyal member of! I’ve discovered that it is worth it’s weight in gold! I’ll show you why!

With, you’ll get cash back, free shipping and more savings benefits at over 1,000 online retailers!

Tis’ the season for Christmas shopping and a membership is the only way to shop online and save huge money. Get all of your Christmas gifts delivered right to your door, without battling the crowds and you can even score 20% cash back on purchases from over 1,000 retailers! Here’s how it works.

From Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, is offering 20% cash back at 30 top retailers! The thing I like best is that Cash Back is Automatic! Simply shop through the website portal and cash back amounts are banked automatically. You receive a check quarterly (holiday shopping will appear mid-January).

With, you’ll get cash back, free shipping and more savings benefits at over 1,000 online retailers!

As a busy mom to four kids and 2 doggies, the last thing I want to do is lug them around to do my Christmas shopping. I’d much rather sit at home in my comfy clothes, snuggling my little puppy, shopping online and getting 20% cash back. 20% is a big deal folks! That’s a huge savings because it is on top of the great deals you can snag on hot holiday sales! You can finish all of your Christmas shopping and come in under budget.

With, you’ll get cash back, free shipping and more savings benefits at over 1,000 online retailers!

 Here is what my back door looks like this time of year! Piles of boxes delivered to my doorstep, absolutely free of charge! If members ever have to pay a shipping charge, they log into their account and fill out a simple rebate form to submit their claim. covers up to $10 for every shipping claim and members can make a claim at over 1,700 retailers. You get a check within 4 weeks.

What’s more, if members need to return something, they can print out FedEx Ground® labels through the site, and the return shipping is free! Had I been a member when I bought that Birthday gift I told you about, I could have sent it back for free and not been out the $10 return shipping fee. is my go-to all year round. I routinely shop online (more often than I buy in store) and this saves me a bundle. Not only that but, I also get 10% cash back, free shipping, free returns, price protection, money-saving coupons, and price comparison tools every day of the year. They literally solve every one of my online shopping dilemmas.

Are you curious if can save YOU money this holiday season? Go sign up for a 7 day FREE trial to test it out and see if you like it before you join. You’ll see that it quickly pays for itself. I get free shipping and savings from my favorite retailers such as Walmart, Petco, L.L. Bean, Hasbro, Carters, American Eagle and so many more.

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How would you want to spend an extra 20% cash back on this year’s holiday spending?

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  1. I would spend an extra 20% cash back on this year’s holiday spending by buying extra items to donate to those in need in our community.
  2. Linda Kish says:
    Unfortunately, I would have to spend it on a set of new tires for my car. Nothing as noble as Angela in the previous comment. I'm trying to scrape together the money to get some now but property taxes come first.
  3. I wpuld spend the extra 20% on maybe a weekend getaway.
  4. shelly peterson says:
    I would use the 20% cash back towards a new washer, I am in desperate need of one.
  5. Dana Rodriguez says:
    I would use the 20% cash back towards a weekend vacation.
  6. I would use it to help me purchase the food for our Christmas get together.
  7. I would spend it on more gifts .
  8. Katt Lewis says:
    I'd stock up on everyday items so I wouldn't have to worry about running out after the Holidays.
  9. I would use the 20% to buy some extra goodies for our holiday meals.
  10. Terry Stevens says:
    I would like to spend the extra 20% saved for a vacation with my BFF. We both have gone through cancer this year and really need a vacation next year away from all of the doctors and hospitals.
  11. I would save that extra 20% towards our moving fund!
  12. Kayte CookWatts says:
    I need new clothes- I've gone down a size and my dresses don't fit.
  13. I would spend it on new clothes for my two kiddos who really need them :) Thanks for hosting, happy holidays! xo
  14. Mendy Dinsmore says:
    I would spend it on dog treats and cat toys.
  15. Michelle C says:
    I would spend the extra 20% on a treat for myself! I can always find boots or bags that I want.
  16. Linda Stewart says:
    I would spend the 20% on me. I usually go through holiday shopping and forget to treat myself! We should do that right?
  17. I would spend the extra 20% to get some gifts for people I normally don't have a budget for. Neighbors and such. And probably get some Toys for Tots gifts too.
  18. Ellie Wright says:
    I would spend it on a lunch out to recover from shopping.
  19. ERICA WEAVER says:
    i would love to put it away for my two kids so when they get older i can afford the bigger items they will want
  20. Stephanie Phelps says:
    I would put the extra 20% back to go to next years Christmas!
  21. I have never heard of and it's definitely my kind of site! I buy sooo much online!
  22. I always look at the cost of shipping. I'd probably spend the money I saved on more gifts for the family.
  23. Mark Felix Ababa says:
    I'd spend the 20% cash back to buy goods or donations in our church. It's my way of giving back as well.
  24. ourfamilyworld says:
    I would love to use the 20% cash back for my kids need and some for our groceries. Buying online is less hassle for everyone.
  25. Use it on everyday expenses :)
  26. Patty wright says:
    It would help alot
  27. I would use the 20% by buying the Family winter clothes!
  28. Denis Otugo says:
    Is it strictly for the U.S continent ?
  29. Jillian Too says:
    I would spend the extra 20% cash back on groceries for the holidays we are hosting.
  30. I would maybe treat myself to something with the extra 20% back. Maybe get my hair done.
  31. getting something for yourself or use it to pay a bill
  32. Jen Rodrigues says:
    I would buy more gifts and donate it to a charity. Like toys for tots.
  33. I'd get some toys and donate them to our local church program
  34. I would use the extra 20% back on groceries.
  35. I would spend an extra 20% cash back on this year’s holiday spending by saving up for a much needed vacation.
  36. By buying items for those in need or helping out with different charities.
  37. Extra 20% could be spent on extra treats for the animal shelter .Thanks
  38. christopher h says:
    we'd probably spend the extra 20% back on the kids
  39. Lisa Coomer Queen says:
    I would use it toward a much needed vacation!
  40. I would put it towardsAlysia's birthday, which is in February!
  41. Jeanne Coulombe says:
    I would spend it towards a new laptop my husband knocked over a glass of red wine on our laptop keyboard and fried it instanly :( wrong time of the year for that to happen.
  42. I would buy new boots for my self! Thanks
  43. Kimberly P. says:
    I would use it to get my daughter a new car seat.
  44. Maria Beas says:
    I would use the 20% cash back towards a Christmas present. Thanks for the chance to win such an amazing giveaway.

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