Our Trip To The Minnesota Zoo + Tips For Navigating the Zoo!

We took the kids to the Minnesota Zoo and they were SO excited to go and see all the animals. I have to admit that I was really looking forward to it too. The day started out rainy and I was worried that we wouldn’t get to go but it cleared up and turned out to be a really hot day with a few scattered showers while we were at the zoo. Luckily there was plenty to do indoors while it was raining and we didn’t get too wet.

We arrived around noon and found that most of the animals were snoozing away the hot day. We definitely learned that the best time to visit the zoo is in the morning or late afternoon/early evening as that is when the animals were most active.

I think the bears were my favorite animal to see. When we arrived they were snoozing but by later in the day they were swimming in the water which was so cool to see up close and personal!
It was a hot one so the camels were cooling off in the water too!
When you visit the farm I highly recommend taking the tractor ride to get there. We walked there and rode back and on a hot day like the one that we had the ride was refreshing. We were able to take both our double and our single stroller on the tractor trailer without unloading them or folding them up. It worked great!
They had a cool old tractor that was perfect for play and of course a great photo opp!

Danika got brave and pet the goat. You can even go in and walk around with them or feed them.
Another great photo opp here but Aiden wouldn’t get any closer because he didn’t believe me that it wasn’t real 🙂
The monkeys were really fun to watch. They were swinging through branches and playing.
The flamingos were hilarious. They were running around the water faster than I thought they could run! It was really cool to see them standing on one leg sleeping.
The kids had an awesome time at the Minnesota Zoo and we did too!

A few more tips to navigate your trip to the Minnesota Zoo:

-If you are looking to save money then bring a picnic lunch and eat in the provided picnic areas
-Bring plenty of water!
-Bring a stroller for your kids. We brought our double and our single stroller so that each of our 3 kids had a place to ride. It’s a LOT of walking for little legs.
-Don’t forget sunscreen, hats and sunglasses
-Arrive in the morning or late day for the most active animals
-Bring your kids swimsuits and they can play in the water fountain
-Don’t forget your camera!

Stay tuned for pics of their awesome new Dinosaurs Exhibit! It was Aiden’s favorite part of our whole trip!


*I received tickets to facilitate this post. This post was not compensated.


  1. The Minnesota Zoo really is a great year round zoo. Glad you had a great time.

  2. jamie braun says:

    we LOVE the MN zoo! we love Como too (especially the polar bear), but the MN zoo just has way more animals to see! thanks for the tips!


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