My Pregnancy Massage and Why Every Mom Needs One!


I’ve never had a massage before. Can you believe it? Never, not once. My husband once bought me a gift certificate for one a LONG time ago after I graduated from nursing school. For one reason or the other I never made time to go get it and I can’t believe that I didn’t! With this pregnancy I’ve had a lot of lower back pain. It’s like my lower back turns into jell-o when I’m pregnant and it just pops out of place with the simplest of things. I decided that I deserved a great massage with this pregnancy and I knew just where I wanted to go. I’ve been telling you about the awesome 3D/4D ultrasounds that I’ve had at Enlightened Imaging in Bloomington, MN and one of the little known things that they also offer is pregnancy and postpartum massage! The massage room has this amazing couch in it that I could literally spend a whole day on it is so comfortable! That’s not the highlight though of course 🙂


The ambiance of the room is perfect. Low lighting, soft music and comfortable decor make it a soothing place where you’ll want to curl up and fall asleep (even if you are 8 months pregnant and can’t sleep anymore).


The massage table is nothing short of amazing and the one reason I was really excited about getting my massage at Enlightened Imaging. The secret??…


The table has a cutout for your belly! That means that after 8 long months of never being able to lay on my stomach, I was finally able to! How awesome is that? Just being able to lay on my stomach was reason enough to get me in the room lol. My massage was amazing and a full hour long. She worked her way from my head to my toes and it felt sooooo good. She even massaged my belly which I thought would be odd but it actually felt great and the baby seemed lulled to sleep by it too.

I was impressed that after my massage was over and I had gotten dressed the massage therapist came back in the room and gave me tips on sleeping positions, stretching and more. It was definitely helpful advice in my last trimester of pregnancy. The massage therapists at Enlightened Imaging are professionally trained and have experience in working with pregnant women. My massage therapist also worked in the hospital giving massage to moms on bedrest as well as giving postpartum massages. I wish I lived closer because I would definitely be scheduling a postpartum massage in my hospital room! How amazing would that be?!

You can check out Enlightened Imaging’s full line of services (4D ultrasound, massage, photography) on their website. Follow them on Facebook for the latest updates and specials!! Every mom deserves a great pregnancy massage and I highly recommend Enlightened 4D Imaging as the best spot to get one!



  1. I think it's great that you got your first massage and a pregnancy massage as well. However, as cool as that massage table sounds, it is not recommended for use during pregnancy, due to damage it can do to the ligaments that are already stretched to their limit during pregnancy by holding your belly up! The safest way to get a pregnancy massage is lying on your side. The therapist should do one side of your back, then the other, then your belly, and finally your neck, shoulders, arms, and legs while your lying in a semi-reclined position. Massage is a great way to treat back, hip, ligament, and leg pain while pregnant as well as a great way for Mama-to-be to relax! 🙂

  2. anonymous says:

    I am a Massage Therapist that specializes in Pre/Post Natal Massage at Enlightened. Side lying position is the most common type of Prenatal Massage. Face down requires two things; a trained MT and the knowledge of how to use the cushions/table. We make sure mom has the right support. We use a sling on the table. We make sure there is enough space between the table and the Mama's belly with the cushions. We also provide side lying. Mom will never lay flat on her back. We are in constant communication with her to make sure Mama and her baby are safe and comfortable.

    Clare CMT

  3. I never had a massage while pregnant. It would have been wonderful to help with the backaches from the extra weight.

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