Must Haves For Mom & Baby: Milk & Baby Nursing Tank

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I am all about having the right clothes to nurse in. It makes nursing in public and nursing with guests over much more comfortable. If you are uncomfortable nursing around others it makes it a lot more difficult to nurse your baby on the go. Having the right tools in your wardrobe makes a world of difference. One thing that drives me crazy is lifting my shirt to nurse and having my back or belly exposed. The nursing cover doesn’t cover my back and sides and I don’t need the world looking at my postpartum belly hanging out!

Transform Your Wardrobe Into A Nursing Wardrobe With This Nursing Tank

Many moms don’t have money to invest in a whole new wardrobe for nursing baby. I love my nursing tops but typically can only afford a handful of nursing tops and once I start shedding the baby weight I want to get back into my pre-baby clothes. The Milk & Baby Bamboo Naked Nursing Top allows moms to wear any top and have all the benefits of a nursing top.

Transform Your Wardrobe Into A Nursing Wardrobe With This Nursing Tank

It works with any nursing bra to make your top into a nursing top. By keeping your belly, back and sides covered when lifting your shirt to nurse you can be comfortable nursing baby while remaining covered up. The extra long length covers below the pregnant belly much like a belly band, and it retains its original shape after washing so you can wear it with your shrinking figure for the perfect midsection cover-up while you nurse your baby. It’s unique low scoop beneath-the-bust shape, allows women to select their supportive bra of choice without infringing on necklines or having to be limited to the one-size-fits-all shelf bras.

Transform Your Wardrobe Into A Nursing Wardrobe With This Nursing Tank

Slipping on your Naked Tank underneath your outfit transforms every regular shirt in your wardrobe into a nursing shirt, providing a very economical and stylish choice. No other nursing blankets or cover-ups necessary…Easy. Efficient. Effortless.

Milk & Baby nursing tank under shirt while pregnant

I love my nursing tank and find that it is also useful in pregnancy when I need extra length. When we did Aiden’s Birthday party this weekend I wore the tank under a shirt that was a little too short with my pregnant belly. It worked great!

You can buy the Milk & Baby Bamboo Naked Nursing Top on their site. Get them in white and black and transform your wardrobe into a nursing wardrobe at a fraction of the price it would cost to buy all new nursing tops.

Do you feel comfortable nursing in public?


  1. Teresa Honores says:

    omg i love this idea! you can still wear your nice nursing bras and have a coverage! awesome!

  2. joanna garcia says:

    pretty cool concept, i hate to show skin w public breastfeeding and love that it looks like u r just layering

  3. vickie couturier says:

    yes,,that is such a good ideal,love the layered look,,both my daughter in laws are expecting an are planning to breast feed,,love the way the new tops are so stylish

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