Must Have Summer Travel Picks For Kids + Kids Travel Tips!


Must Have Kids Travel Tips + Don't leave home without these...

Traveling with kids can be tricky but it doesn’t have to be! Being prepared with the right tips and tricks and having the best products along will make your trip go more smoothly and will lead to happier memories for everyone! We have learned to travel with our four kids without major incident and we actually enjoy traveling with our kids! How is this possible? Let me share some of my secrets…

Kids Summer travel must have tips and favorite product picks!

The little monkeys travel best when they have full belly’s, plenty of activities and aren’t overly tired. Plan your trip to leave at nap time which will encourage kids to sleep for a portion of your trip and that will help pass the time.

Easy On The Go Snack Ideas For Kids! Stock Your Pantry With Grab and Go Snack Packs

Make sure you prepare by packing plenty of snacks like these easy on the go snack ideas for kids. This helps keep the kids tummies full and prevents you from having to keep stopping to buy food along the way. You’ll save several pit stops by making these ahead of time!

Kids travel tips: Bring your own water bottle on your trip.

Be sure you also pack your own reusable water bottles filled with ice water. We fill ours half full so the kids don’t guzzle down a bunch of water and then need to stop every half hour to go potty. Limit the liquids and refill them when you stop for gas or food breaks. We love the Skip Hop Stainless Steel Kids Straw Bottle. It has a silicone sleeve to keep little hands from getting cold and the strap allows me to attach it to the stroller when we are out and about.

Wildkin Rolling Kids Luggage

My boys would be absolutely lost without their Wildkin Rolling Luggage. Not only is it perfect for an overnight stay at Grandma’s but my kids also use it to pack their toys and blankies for long trips or time at the cabin. When we stay at the cabin they will roll their luggage all over the place! When we go out on our boat they roll it down to the dock and bring it on the boat so they have their toys along to play with. We love the fun designs and functionality that Wildkin offers in these kid size rolling luggage pieces! Let your kids pack some toys for the trip so they are able to take along their favorite things. Avoid things with small pieces that will get lost easily.

DIY Road Trip Kits For Kids - Must Have Mom

Pack your own DIY Road Trip Kits to keep your kids entertained on the road. Get ideas of what to pack in your road trip kits here.

Kids Summer Travel Tips and must have products

Bring along comfort items for your child. Don’t forget their favorite stuffed animal and be sure you have a pillow or blanket to keep them comfy. We love the Skip Hop Zoo travel blankets because they can be used as a blanket or a pillow! The soft, sweet blanket easily tucks away into its own friendly portable pillow, complete with a carry-on strap for little hands. Whether you’re hitting the road for a day trip or catching a flight for a family vacation, our Zoo travel blanket will make sure your child is happy and comfy on the go.

Summer travel tips: Bring along a sleeping bag to reduce bedding use

Another tip I have found to be very helpful is to bring the kids sleeping bags along whenever we go stay somewhere. They LOVE sleeping in their sleeping bags and it makes it easier for them to sleep in an unfamiliar place when their bed (ie-sleeping bag) is familiar to them. We bring them to the cabin, to Grandma’s, to hotels, this trick has been a lifesaver! They sleep so much better! My kids have the Wildkin Sleeping Bags because I love their fun prints and the quality is amazing. They are thick and comfortable plus they are naturally flame-resistant and are never treated with flame-retardant chemicals.

What tips do you have for traveling with kids?


  1. These are all great ideas! It is so important to be prepared. We do a lot of traveling so every little bit counts.

    We also bring snuggly blankets like you suggested. Also plenty to do – games, mad libs, or the ipad. Plus my daughter gets car sick, so books on tape so that she isn’t looking at a screen.

  2. we love wildkin! my son loves it, and it is cute and easy for him to carry around

  3. These are great tips! Honestly, I think packing snacks and water is important even when grown-ups are traveling by themselves…I know I get cranky when I go too long without a snack. LOL!

  4. We just got back from a 14 hour road trip one way! Our kids did awesome because of a lot of these tips above! With full bellies, snacks and stuff to do in the car you can go anywhere with them! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love the sleeping bag idea! And the print choices are so cute. I’m going to show my kids and let them pick their favorite!

  6. vickie couturier says:

    i love that little truck suitcase how adorable,,thanks for the tips ,,going on a trip with the grandkids

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