Learning To Love Your New Mom Body

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Having babies changes your body forever. I have had four babies in a six year time span and that has definitely changed my body. We as mothers tend to be so hard on ourselves and so critical of our flaws. It is important to learn to love your new mom body. We earned them! It is absolutely amazing to me that my body could create four new lives and give birth to my amazing children. It’s such a blessing and a miracle. Do I love that none of my clothes fit? No. Do I love that my once flat stomach is now bulging? Not so much. How about my breasts that have shrunk a little more after each baby? Nope, not those either. While I may not be thrilled with everything having babies has done to my body, I have learned to love my post-baby body. It’s different for good reason. It’s not the same as when I was 21 because I am a mama. I earned that.

When we choose to have a positive body image that translates into good self esteem and it models a positive image for our children to follow. Rather than tearing yourself down with your words, build your self esteem up and thus set a good example for your children. I don’t want my daughter to measure her happiness by the size of her waist. I don’t want her to have a negative self image because she thinks she isn’t pretty enough. Own your beauty and model that for your children.

When you think positively of yourself you naturally convey a more confident image. I love that people see me walking down a hall with my head high and tell me how amazing I look for having four children. Don’t take away from their compliments by responding with a negative answer. Don’t tell them you hate your stomach or your clothes don’t even fit you. Accept the compliment and hold your head high. Don’t ever detract from all that you are. You are amazing. You are a mom who sacrificed your own body in order to create another life. Own it. Your children are watching you.

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How has your view of beauty changed since becoming a Mother?



  1. I think it is so important for our kids to see this example too! Your body image is so much more mental than physical, we have to teach them to be positive!

  2. Your points are all excellent. I did not have a positive self image of myself when my children were botn because I was so overweight. I feel it sheltered who I really was.

  3. So true! We are who we are and have to help our daughters esp understand how important it is to love our own bodies!

  4. What a great message in time for Mother’s Day too. So true, we definitely need to love ourselves and heck.. even congratulate ourselves while we’re at it!! So true, kids pick up on everything, thanks for the reminder 😉

  5. Such a great message. No one told me just how much my body would change, but this body has made some great babies

  6. Well, I think you look beautiful! 🙂 I am not a mom, but my body has changed a lot just from aging!!! I cannot even imagine if I had kids.

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