How To Improve Your Child’s Reading Skills Without Hiring A Costly Tutor

How to teach your child to read without hiring a costly tutor

With more and more emphasis on early reading and the expectation that kids will be reading well by the end of Kindergarten, has come added pressure on kids to do well and excel in reading. What if your child is lagging behind in reading and just isn’t moving at the pace that is expected of them?

I find the pressure put on kids to read so early on can be crushing to them. So what is a parent to do? Do you hire a costly tutor and fork over and arm and a leg to improve your child’s reading skills? Do you sacrifice any free time you have remaining (what’s free time?!!) and tutor them yourself?

Reading A Piece of Cake Book

Realistically most of us do not have time to sit with our kids at least 5 days a week and tutor them in reading. On the other hand I don’t have the extra finances to pay a costly tutor to do it either. That left me searching for an affordable option to improve my child’s reading skills without hiring a costly tutor.

Did you know that The National Reading Panel reports the key to improving fluency and comprehension is guided repeated reading. That means reading the same passage multiple times with someone who listens and corrects as needed. For best results, this should happen 5 times per week. Do you see the problem here?

With a classroom of 20 kids there is no way that a teacher can do this with each and every student. The teacher then assigns it as homework. Picture a mom with 4 kids, sports, homework, dinner, baths, and where is the time to listen to each child read the same book to you five times per week while you listen closely and correct when needed!

Tutors could be a solution but they are pricey. E-books could help but they don’t offer correction when needed. What is a mom to do?

Introducing Reading Buddy. Reading Buddy Software is advanced speech recognition technology that listens, responds, and teaches as your child reads. It’s like having a tutor in your computer.

Your child will wear a headset (like this one) and read while Reading Buddy listens to their reading and offers corrections and even a correct pronunciation if needed. It’s like having a tutor in your computer only you’ve got 24/7 access and you don’t have to pay by the hour!

If your child is struggling in reading then I highly recommend Reading Buddy software. Aa a busy parent of four children myself, it’s been a lifesaver! I even have a 50% OFF Reading Buddy Software promo code and the free e-report “7 Secrets to Transform Your Child’s Reading,” when you click here!

Take the frustration out of reading for both you and your child!


  1. My son is just learning how to read and I think this would be a perfect way for him to learn to read better faster and comprehend more. I'm going to really check into this.
  2. I'm an English and reading comprehension tutor....and I just checked out Reading Buddy! You're going to put me out of business! HAHAHA!!! What an awesome program. I would honestly suggest it to parents, even if it means I lose clients!
  3. I am teaching my son the basics to start reading. This looks like such an amazing and user friendly program.
  4. Jenna Wood says:
    What an exciting way to put modern technology to use! I used computer programs a lot (Reading Rabbit) when I was a young girl, and they really helped accelerate my reading and speech skills.
  5. I read to mine early and we read SOOO much every day. Thankfully neither of them had reading problems.
  6. Our son is on the autism spectrum and struggles with reading comprehension. I like that this software actually listens to a child while they read.
  7. What a great resource. Sometimes my kids respond better to an app/program better than to my attempts.
  8. The Reading Buddy Software would be perfect for my friends little girl. She is having a hard time with reading. I will have to share this with her.
  9. Lisa Bristol says:
    These are great ways to help your little one read. I will have to check out the Reading Buddy Software.
  10. We've been trying to teach one of our kids to read without much success! Maybe this could be what they need!
  11. This looks so great. All of my kids are struggling with reading. It's as frustrating for me as it is for them I think.
  12. This is great! I will have to look into it, my boys don't like to read but the youngest scores off the charts in ability to read I think this will be great to increase my middle child's reading skills!
  13. My kids are not the type to love reading. They don't mind when I read to them though.
  14. After tons of tutoring, my son loves reading. But my daughter is just about to start to learn so I love these tips for alternative ways not to spend more money!

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