Holiday Travel Tips – Do You Have These In Your Trunk??


Holiday Travel Tips Do you have these must-haves in your trunk

Having multiple children means that you can find any number of things in my trunk, at any given time. Seriously, I never know quite what I will find when I pop it open. If the grocery bagger has assisted me to my car to load them, I say a silent prayer there won’t be anything too humiliating (or smelly) that pops out!

Everything from strollers, to sports cleats and pads… the poor trunk holds it all. It’s not even uncommon to find the occasional beat up canned good that has rolled it’s way out of the grocery bag following a shopping trip. These are always the most interesting finds, and renew my faith that I’m not loosing my mind all together (I KNEW I remembered sticking that in the basket!).

stranded in the snow

While there are some funny things, and some things not so funny I’ve found in my trunk… the important items stay consistent all year round. Especially with the oncoming of winter, drivers should be prepared for the unexpected. State Farm recently released an article calling drivers to make sure they have the right items on hand!

The article tells about a woman named Tiana Person, who found herself stuck on the road for 9 hours during a winter ice storm. While Tiana had blankets, luckily, a little salt for traction may have allowed her to drive away much much sooner.

If you balked at being stranded for 9 hours, the 22 hours Tiana’s husband Chris was stranded for will likely seem unimaginable! Chris had a coat to stay warm and a phone charger to keep in contact with family, but had to abandon his vehicle several times throughout the night in search of food, water, and a restroom. He returned home the next day to find his car had been hit several times during these expenditures.

Here are some things State Farm suggest you keep in your vehicle in case of emergency:

  • Non-pershiable, high calorie food
  • Water
  • -Road Salt or cat Litter
  • -Candle, lighter, and/or flashlight
  • Spare tire
  • Windshield scraper and brush
  • First Aid Kid
  • Road flares or hazard triangle with reflectors
  • Cell phone and charger
  • Blankets and extra warm clothing
  • Jumper cables
  • A tarp for sitting or kneeling in the snow for exterior work (like a tire change).

Of all the stories that start farm shared, each and every person wished they had been more prepared when tragedy hit. Taking a moment to be sure you are stocked with these items now will save you a LOT of difficulty in the event that you are stranded. Don’t glaze over these holiday travel tips or put them off until later! Do it now and be prepared so your family is safe this holiday season!


When was the last time you checked your spare tire and emergency items?


  1. You nailed it! We always make sure we pull out the winter car emergency kit every time the weather turns cold. because you never know when something will happen, and you definitely want to be prepared!

  2. Wow. I don’t have most of these. I really should be better prepared.

  3. I have some of these but not all of them. I don’t have ANY food for being stranded for long periods. Thanks for these tips!

  4. We have most of these, but we need to add blankets. It is important to be prepared for the worst!

  5. I’m so unprepared for an emergency with my vehicle. Thanks for these great tips.

  6. We are heading out of town in the morning! Sounds like I need to add some items to my packing list!

  7. This is such a good reminder. I need to check my trunk and make sure I have everything!

  8. We just bought a new car yesterday so I would have to say I checked my spare tire yesterday. LOL. I can’t wait to take a family trip!

  9. Great tips. I have a few items on the list but I really need to add a blanket and some jumper cables.

  10. These are great items. I have never thought of a tarp for roadside emergencies, that is such a good idea!

  11. This is a good list. We have lots of these in our trunk already.

  12. Great list of must haves. Especially with everyone traveling this weekend and with the bad weather too! You need to be prepared!

  13. vickie couturier says:

    I didn’t but I will soon,some really good points ,going to print this out for my grown kids too,thanks

  14. I am so not prepared like this, but need to be. I recently finally bought a first aid kit for my van, which helps a lot when I have two busy active boys and two active girls … we have had to use the kit once so far! With winter here, or coming, in NH we do need ways to stay warm in case we get stuck anywhere!

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