Have you checked out CC Bums Yet?

CC Bums is a mama owned and operated business. Cami is the mom behind it all and she does an excellent job not to mention how sweet she is. She has tons of products and takes requests for new products too. She is so talented! I actually found her through another blog that I won a diaper off of. I was very skeptical of its ability to hold in the wetness and not leak because the outer was just fleece. I was very surprised to find that it didn’t leak at all and was my daughter’s favorite diaper. She loved the Mickey Mouse fleece fabric and now that we have her potty trained she couldn’t wear it anymore. I needed some training pants in the same fabric so she wouldn’t miss her mickey diaper.

Cami is wonderful and sent over some great products for all of us to try. Danika was beyond thrilled when her Mickey Mouse training pants showed up and Aiden got a Lovie Teether to help him out while his bottom two teeth were cutting through. And she didn’t forget me! I received two pairs of her nursing pads which are awesome! They are super soft against your skin and they absorb really well. The fleece backing prevents them from leaking through onto your shirt! I received the 4 inch size but she also has a 6 inch size which I think I’d really like too. Those would be great for at night so they don’t slide out of place while you are sleeping. She also has PUL for backing if you prefer. You can specify flannel, knit or velour inners. They are $3 a set for 4 inch (in stock) and $5 a set for 6 inch (generally custom only).

Danika received a pull-up style cloth training pant in Mickey Mouse fleece. She got a 2T which is what size she is just starting to fit into. It was slightly on the small side (but still fit) so I would order a little bigger if you are unsure of the size and fit. She wears this while she is sleeping and it works great for those occasional bedtime wettings. You can choose from either all-in-one or pocket, size 2-3t and 4t side snapping, for $16. You are able to pick your fleece and pick your inner. Pullups size 4t $14 5t $15 and 6 $16. She has an elastic or plain waistband too.

Isn’t it cute? I love that it isn’t too bulky and can be pulled up and down just like undies so it doesn’t seem like you are going back to using diapers.

Poor Aiden boy was cutting his first teeth when his Lovie Teether arrived. The knotted “waldorf” style teethers and soft and small and easy to chew on from any angle. The size was perfect for Aiden to hold and chomp away on. My favorite part is that you can also wet the knot and pop it in the freezer for a cold treat. Aiden loves this! Imagine how great that feels on those sore gums. I hate that you can’t put regular plastic teethers in the freezer anymore so this is a great way to get that super cold relief for their gums. They are only $5 so you can get a few to have in rotation of washing/freezing/chewing!

So now that I’ve told you how fabulous CC Bums products are go check out everything else she has to offer! She has TONS of products. Everything from cloth diapers to mama cloth to changing pads and more! Her shop is off of her Facebook page and once you start browsing it is easy to find everything. She is super helpful and happy to answer any questions you might have. If you can’t afford cloth and need them she even has a layaway plan with a $15/month payment to help you get what you need. She is so amazing. So go check it out and let me know what you like!


*I was provided product for review purposes only and was not compensated for this review. My opinions are my own and reflect my experience with the product. Others may have a different experience with the product.


  1. That lovie teather is adorable, and he seems to love it!

  2. Love the star wars wipes and the Curious George AIOs. Never heard of her before thanks for telling us about her.

  3. anonymous says:

    I went to her FAcebook page and saw the cutest print of diaper…the turquoise with the ladybugs! Will go back to see the actual shop. Couldnt figure out where to find it! WISH I could be so creative!


  4. Eileen-

    Her Facebook page is her shop 🙂 You order right on the page under the discussions tab. There is info and pricing on the other tabs-info I think…Then you can pay through paypal 🙂 It takes a minute to figure out but once you poke around a bit you'll figure it out.


  5. I'd like the john deere all in one, flannel inner. It is super cute and looks very soft. Thanks for the review! I'd never heard of flannel diaper inners before!

  6. I left a comment on the BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light post!

  7. What a great idea! I've heard of cloth diapers of course, but not cloth pull ups. My daughter seems to be going back and forth with the 'making it through the night dry' and these would be perfect.

  8. Very cute!! I haven't tried those types of diapers, I am really interested and I love the Mickey print!!

  9. Those training pants are adorable! Off to check her out! Thanks!

  10. Wow, love the teether idea and the nursing pads too!
    hlitrenta at gmail dot com

  11. Love that you can freeze the teether! And the pull ups are so cute!

  12. My son would LOVE the Mickey Mouse undies. Fleece! What a great idea for night time for potty trainers. And her AIOs are adorable, especially the girly prints!

  13. I love the training pants!!!! So much cuter and economical than pull ups!!

  14. i love the training pants. we have started the potty training adventure and i am going to order a pair or 2 and give them a try.

  15. My son is just now startinf to teethe so the teether would be good… but i went to her site and the first thing i looked at were the mama pads. I love that she has the different kinds along with different patterns and materials… so many to choose from…

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