Gro Via Gro To Go Summer Kit Review!



We love using cloth diapers. We use them full time on Aiden and the only exception is when we have someone else watching him or we are on the go. For short trips we use cloth but if we will be gone for longer or it would be inconvenient to get to a toilet then we use disposables. The only other time that we use disposables is when Aiden has a diaper rash and needs heavy duty diaper cream. For those of you mamas that occasionally use disposables like we do or those of you thinking of switching to cloth but not ready to fully commit then the Gro Via Gro To Go Summer Kit is the perfect way to try it out or replace your disposables. Each kit is outfitted with 3 Hybrid Shells, 50 BioSoakers, and 3 packets of Tiny Bubbles, packed and ready to go.  The best part is, at just $49.99 you are saving $22 over the regular purchase price. This kit is only available unti June 30th though so you have to act fast to get yours!


We received our kit to test out with these cute shells plus the one Aiden is wearing below. First of all let me say this is not our first experience with Gro Via shells. We love them. They are one size and adjust with rise snaps. The super soft velcro is nothing short of luxurious and fastens really well.


If you aren’t familiar with the BioSoakers then let me fill you in on why they rock compared to regular disposable diapers. They are fragrance, Dye, plastic and Chlorine Free. They are made with biodegradable & compostable materials. You simply lay the BioSoaker in your shell and fasten the shell onto baby. There are sticky tabs on the underside of the BioSoaker but I do not recommend using them. They aren’t necessary and if they stick to the snap they get messy. The sticky tabs are good for putting these in underwear and using as trainers though.


Here is the third shell we received and I just love the print. As you can see they fit great on Aiden and they work great too. You get all the convenience of disposables while still getting the benefits of cloth. They don’t leak and are really easy to use. These are ideal for all of our Summer on the go travel. I absolutely love them!


Why we love it: The Gro Via Gro To Go Summer Kit is the perfect way to give the BioSoakers and Shells a try without breaking the bank. It’s a great deal! The shells can also be used with their cloth inserts so you can really build a hybrid stash if you want to. We love how well the BioSoakers work and how easy they are to use. This is the perfect system for all of our on the go Summer diapering needs!

Suggestions for improvement: None, I really love the system. I love the one size soakers and adorable prints that the shells come in.

Buy It! This Gro To Go Summer Kit is only available at the special price of $49.99 until June 30th and then it goes away! You can buy it on their site! Hurry and get in on this great deal while you can!



  1. nice! im not sure if I will use cloth diapers... i dont know if i want to clean them! lol
  2. anonymous says:
    love it :) i have a sensitive bum to cover :) (baby brenden:)

    would love to win!
  3. I really am impressed that you take the time to use cloth diapers. I have always thought they would be a huge hassle, but these look at least slightly doable. I love the fact that you get t he both of best worlds with the cute cloth diaper and the inserts. :0)
  4. i have never used cloth diapers myself, but if a surprise baby ever comes along..i will definitely try them. the covers are so cute and these look way more comfortable for baby than regular disposable diapers
  5. I used cloth diapers in India , here it seems hard but after seeing your review I sure will buy these ..... Seriously it is rest for the sensitive skin our cuties have ... I love u r blog... Who doesn't rgt ?

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