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As a Mom I have to say that more often than not illness or injury strikes at the worst time! It doesn’t happen during my Pediatrician’s regular office hours, it happens on a Friday night at midnight when I’m going into the weekend and my only option is a visit to urgent care or to wait until Monday to call my Pediatrician’s office. Why is that?! Well, I’m happy to have found a resource that can help answer my questions ANY time of the day or night AND from a credible Pediatrician. Bundoo is an online community of parents and experts that provides a friendly, positive space where parents can benefit from the support of other parents and gain access to experts in childcare, child development, pediatrics and pregnancy. Signing up is free and easy!

Bundoo Topics

Ever wonder if those spicy or gas inducing foods you eat are the cause of your baby’s fussiness at night? Looking for what the red flags are in your 9 month old’s development? How about the most dangerous toys for toddlers? Bundoo talks about all of these topics and lots more. I was interested to read that when breastfeeding you really shouldn’t exclude those spicy or gas inducing foods from your diet. Don’t always blame your baby’s fussiness on what you ate for dinner. Check out the big picture and take into consideration all possible causes before eliminating foods from your diet. Those foods help flavor your milk and may help your child to more easily accept foods when they start solids.

I have to admit that when I visit Bundoo I end up hopping from one article to the next, always clicking another interesting title and learning more than whatever question I went in search of an answer for. The articles are well written and easy to understand. Bundoo’s A-Z articles are free and are reviewed and written by pediatricians, OB/GYNs and child development specialists in an easy-to-understand and straightforward style that is free from any confusing medical jargon.

I also love that Bundoo members can create their own groups or join other groups that interest them in order to gather and share parenting tips in a dynamic and interactive way. Groups can be public or private. This enables you to connect with other parents that think like you. Perhaps you choose to live an organic, GMO free lifestyle. You can join or create a group with other parents that do the same so you can support one another and discuss topics.

Bundoo Ask Bundoo

Bundoo is primarily a FREE site with a lot of free content and services but they also offer their Ask Bundoo feature. Ask Bundoo connects parents directly with pediatricians, OB/GYNs and other childcare experts to answer questions privately with current and accurate information. Ask Bundoo is a way for parents to get peace of mind by asking questions without having to pay a co-pay.  Ask Bundoo is available on a per question basis or by unlimited subscription for a monthly fee. That means that next time your child develops a mysterious rash at 11pm on a Saturday night you can log on to Ask Bundoo and ask a Pediatrician for advice rather than packing up your kiddo and heading to urgent care. Something that could be a simple skin reaction that doesn’t need medical attention can cause worry. Ask Bundoo can save you a trip to urgent care by providing you with an expert answer to your question.

You can head over to Bundoo and sign up for their FREE site! Check out the fantastic articles and connect with other parents. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to stay up to date with their latest news. Go take a peek and let me know what you think!

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  1. michelle says:

    I like that there’s forums as well as articles to help guide and support parents

  2. I like you can get answers 24/7. Inevitably my kids are sick after hours or on the weekend.

  3. Marjorie Whitney says:

    The articles seem to address topics that parents might not feel comfortable talking about, but need answers to.

  4. Being a parent is a tough job. Sometimes it is hard to know whether or not to simply treat a problem at home or whether to bring your child to the doctor’s office.

  5. helpful information for parents

  6. I like the variety of topics and that it’s a good source to go to for help anytime of the day or night

  7. Becky Greenly says:

    Great helpful information for parents that cover a wide variety of topics!!

  8. I love love LOVE the idea of this! I love how quickly you can get answers!

  9. sara giresi says:

    I love that Bundoo is personal, so every answer is unique and specific!

  10. Kimberley O says:

    I learned that the advice is reviewed by physicians and child care providers

  11. I love that it is open 24/7 and you can ask unlimited questions with a subscription.


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