Gemmy Fincredibles Review! All the fun of a pet fish without the cleanup! #SIYS

We have a dog and he is adorable but a lot of work at times. He needs food, water, love, care and a place to stay when we are gone overnight. My kids want a fish. I know that I will end up cleaning the tank and taking care of it in the long run and I just don’t have the time or energy to take care of one more living thing right now! So I found these awesome Fincredibles from Gemmy (maker of our favorite butterfly and firefly in a jar!) so my kids can have all the fun of a pet fish without any of the work for me!

They come in a real looking fishbowl that you add water to. It has a tightly sealed lid! Then you can enjoy watching your fish swim around! I can vouch for the lid as Danika tipped it over in her bed (off her nightstand) and nothing leaked!

The fish is really cute and as you can see close up it is on a string but when it is swimming around you don’t notice it. At night it looks so cool to see the different colors light up. You can tap on the lid for different interactions too. Right now it is sitting in Danika’s room and serves as a nightlight for her to tap the lid on when she needs some light. It’s so pretty!

Buy It! You can buy these really cool Fincredibles in a variety of fish/plant life styles at Kmart and Cracker Barrel for the retail price of $24.99.

How many of you want a fish or have kids that want one and think this is the best thing since sliced bread? Enter to win one below! If you can’t see the Rafflecopter giveaway then click on the title of this post to be taken to a dedicated page where the giveaway will appear. Good Luck!

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  1. The Fincredibles Clownfish is incredible. It looks fantastic, love to have it.

  2. anonymous says:

    My favorite is the Fincredibles Clownfish. I love that he looks like Nemo!

  3. This is too cute…and I LOVE that the fish isn't real, lol. Perfect for our little man =)

  4. Oh and I think he'd like the Fincredibles™ Clownfish the most.

  5. I really like the Butterfly Collection – Blue Morpho
    bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

  6. i really like the Fincredibles Oranda Goldfish.

  7. The My Pet Butterfly – Monarch is pretty neat

  8. clown fish

  9. when i tweeted your tweet on this giveaway it was for the sippy cups just making sure thats right

  10. I like the Butterfly Collection Yellow Swallowtail.

  11. My Pet Butterfly – Monarch

  12. Fincredibles Clownfish

    leannemacg at

  13. I like the Guppy

  14. like this one
    My Pet Firefly™ – Green

  15. Love the Airblown® Inflatable Widescreen Movie Screen™.

    Jennifer Rote
    wildnmild4u at yahoo dot com

  16. anonymous says:

    I like the clown fish

  17. I like the My Pet Butterfly – Monarch
    missdeb1 at earthlink dot net

  18. I Like the my pet firefly

    Laura DeLuca

  19. Daughter would love the monarch butterfly!

    missheatherwho at yahoo dot com

  20. My Pet Firefly.

  21. My son would pick the clownfish for sure


  22. I like their My Pet Butterfly – Pink Morpho

  23. I love the Blue Morpho from the Butterfly collection. singnsk8(at)hotmail(dot)com

  24. I think your tweet in the rafflecopter is messed up. It said tommee tippy sippy cup and this is the gemmy giveaway. Regardless, I did tweet it

  25. I like the Monarch Butterfly

  26. anonymous says:
  27. anonymous says:

    For clarification- my name is freebieAddict on GFC.

  28. The monarch butterfly is daughter's favorite!

  29. I like the My Pet Firefly – Pink!

  30. I like the Butterfly Collection – Blue Morpho looks so real

  31. i like the blue morpho butterfly

  32. I like the My Pet Fireflies! So neat!

  33. The Butterfly Collection is AWESOME! I'd probably choose the Monarch.


  34. my pet butterfly monarch is neat!

  35. I like My Pet Butterfly

  36. I like the My Pet Butterfly
    Butterfly Collection – Pink Morpho

  37. i like the yellow swallowtail

  38. I like the Fincredibles™ Guppy =)

  39. Fincredibles™ Clownfish

  40. I like the clownfish and all of them are too cute! Rita Spratlen

  41. The My Pet Fairy Rose!

  42. I like the My Pet Firefly -pink

  43. Love the blue My Pet Firefly!
    heatherpooh [hotmail]

  44. my favorite is the electric butterfly in a jar.

  45. Butterfly Collection – Pink Morpho

  46. I like my pet firefly!

  47. electric butterfly in a jar

  48. i like my pet butterfly
    tcogbill at live dot com

  49. anonymous says:

    I like my pet firefly in blue 🙂

  50. i love the my pet fairy lilac!

    christinejessamine at hotmail dot com

  51. Patricia Wojnar Crowley

    The Pet Firefly toys are adorable!

  52. i really like the Fincredibles Oranda Goldfish.

  53. The inflatable movie screen! Can enjoy the outdoors at night with the dogs, snacks, friends and movies! thanks

  54. My Pet Firefly – Blue

  55. Fincredibles™ Guppy

  56. I really like My Pet Butterfly –Pink Morpho

  57. anonymous says:

    My favorite is the Fincredibles Clownfish.

  58. my pet firefly, in blue!

  59. Butterfly Collection – Blue Morpho

  60. I like My Pet Firefly™ – Green

  61. I like the Fincredible Guppy.

  62. i like the Fincredibles Oranda Goldfish.

  63. My Pet Firefly is a classic. Just a plain jar with a bug that lites up. I love it!
    greenhollytwig at yahoo dot com

  64. My Pet Fairy – Rose is my fave! tylerpants(at)

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