Fresh Lunch Ideas For The Week! Club Wrap & Chicken Bacon Panini Recipes!

My husband is always looking for new ideas for lunch. He gets tired of the same old same old and wants something fresh and new to spice up his day. When I heard about the new Flatout Hungry Girl Flatbread at Walgreens I knew it was something I could pick up while running errands and not have to make an all out trip to the grocery store in order to get lunch foods for the week. While I was there I picked up everything I needed to put together two easy, tasty lunches for my hubby.

Flatout Hungry Girl breads come in a ton of different varieties but my Walgreens only carried one kind. I grabbed two packs knowing how much my hubby loves wraps and loving that these have 67% fewer net carbs than two slices of wheat bread! With 9 grams of protein and packed with fiber they are definitely a healthier choice for his lunches.

Flatout Hungry Girl
Walgreens has a decent sized grocery section so I was able to get everything I needed to make my wrap and panini without having to run to the grocery store in addition to my errands I already had. I grabbed a bunch of different things so he would have several options for the week. He likes variety!

Flatout Hungry Girl
I made a club wrap by topping my Flatout Flatbread with deli ham and chicken.

Flatout Hungry Girl
I then sprinkled shredded cheese over it and added bacon.

Flatout Hungry Girl
I topped it with spinach and rolled it up.

Flatout Hungry Girl
And Voila! Easy peasy Club Wrap that tastes great! I would add light dressing to this just before eating it. I then rolled it up in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge for his lunch the next day.

Flatout Hungry Girl Club Wrap
I’m not a huge fan of cold sandwiches so for myself I made one of my favorite combos, chicken, bacon and ranch! I warmed up the breaded chicken patties I got at Walgreens and sliced them and placed them on top of my flatbread. I then topped the chicken with bacon and sprinkled cheddar cheese over the top. I piled my ingredients to one side of the flatbread so that I could fold it over and great a sandwich style wrap.

Flatout Hungry Girl
I then folded it over and placed it on my panini press. I waited until the outside was crisp and the cheese was melted.

Flatout Hungry Girl
The end result was soooooo good! My husband even ate half of it despite already being stuffed from his own meal. I served it with ranch on the side for dipping. This was a really quick and easy lunch idea which was exactly what I wanted. When I’m home all day with my kids I don’t make elaborate lunches but after awhile I get sick of mac ‘n cheese and chicken nuggets! This was the perfect way to add some flair to my lunch plate without adding extra time to create the meal.

Flatout Hungry Girl Chicken Bacon Panini
I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for the other Flatout Hungry Girl varieties. I’d love to try the Foldit bread and I’m hoping my Walgreens carries more varieties soon! The thing I really loved about the Flatout Flatbread is that it’s so versatile. Use it in a wrap, make a panini or even make a pizza using it as your crust! The possibilities are endless and it’s an easy way to make lunch exciting again!

Here are the recipes for my Club Wrap and Chicken Bacon Panini!

Yields 1

Panini Recipes

Quick, easy lunch idea to spice up your lunch this week!

5 minPrep Time

5 minTotal Time

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  • Flatout Hungry Girl Flatbread
  • Deli Honey Ham
  • Deli Chicken
  • Bacon
  • Shredded Cheddar Cheese
  • Spinach


  1. Layer ham, chicken, bacon, cheese and spinach on op of your flatbread.
  2. Roll up tightly and wrap
  3. Serve with light dressing if desired.
  4. Stores well overnight in the fridge.
Recipe Type: Lunch

Chicken Bacon Panini Recipe


Flatout Hungry Girl Flatbread

Breaded Chicken Patties

Bacon, cooked

Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Ranch Dressing


Heat and slice 2 breaded chicken patties per panini.

Layer chicken, bacon and shredded cheese onto one side of your flatout flatbread.

Fold over and place on panini press until brown and cheese is melted.

Serve with ranch dressing for dipping.

Find Flatout Hungry Girl products at your local Walgreens! You can get more amazing recipes on their site!






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