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Trendy Fashion on a Budget - Must Have Mom

Fashion isn’t cheap and neither is keeping up with the latest trends but I have found a site that offers trendy fashions for crazy cheap prices. I was in disbelief a little and wondered what the catch was and while I found this may not work for everyone it will be a great solution for those in the size medium to small range. Read on for details!

sammy dress shirt

The site is and they offer TONS of fashion forward clothing, accessories and more at ridiculously cheap prices. Such cheap prices that as I mentioned I wondered what the catch was. I decided to place an order and see what it was all about. I found that each piece of clothing is only offered in a size medium and you cannot select a size. I would say their size medium is closer to a true size small. I am a size 2 dress size and can fit into the clothing (and I’m currently pregnant and this top still worked for me). This Block Stripe Long Sleeve Top was $8.89. The quality was good and it didn’t feel cheap or ill made.

sammy dress black sweatshirt top

I was really excited about this Polo Neck Hoodie and I have to say I was a little disappointed at how thin the material is. It feels more cheaply made. For $9.35 I certainly didn’t lose my money on it but it wasn’t as fabulous as it looks in the photo.

sammy dress silver bracelet

I was impressed with their fashion jewelry selection. I love to accessorize and that can get expensive. Pick up some of their great discounted jewelry and you’ll never tell the difference between their costume jewelry and others. This was only $3.28!

sammy dress gold bracelet

So I got one in gold too! These are really cute and while it isn’t great quality jewelry, for the price it’s perfect!

sammy dress heart necklace

Lastly I got three of these heart necklaces and I have to say that they were very cheaply made. I wouldn’t recommend getting this one as it broke within five minutes of my daughter wearing it. Luckily I had 3 🙂 And for $1.40 each I can’t complain.

I do plan on ordering again as I was very impressed with the prices and since the sizes seem to fit me for the most part I am getting a steal of a deal even if a few things aren’t as great as I hoped for. All of the pieces I showed you here cost me a grand total of $34.70! That’s including the products, shipping and insurance! For that price I couldn’t have even bought the color block top that I love! All in all this is a great resource to stay on top of the trends without busting the bank. You are taking a bit of a gamble on the quality but you aren’t likely to lose much in the end if it doesn’t work out. Take a $35 gamble and see what you can find!

Check out all these trendy fashions on the Sammy Dress site!

What do you think? Would you order from here?


  1. That is a really cute top! Great price, too.

  2. Cute top! Unfortunately the sizes wouldn’t work for me, but cute stuff!

  3. You look so pretty! I love the top!

  4. That top is really cute and works well for you! Great find!

  5. You are too cute! I love that shirt on you.

  6. These are some great finds. Sorry to hear about the sweatshirt, I would have also been disappointed. Try layering, It looks like it was layered in the photo to give it that look.

  7. That’s such a cute top. Tres chic!!

  8. you look adorable and so put together

  9. That top is ADORABLE! I’ll have to see what I can find!

  10. You look so stinkin cute!

  11. Cute top!!

  12. That’s too bad about the hoodie, it is really cute in the picture. The top looks great thought!

  13. Adorable! I love this top.

  14. I’m not in the medium to small range but I love the accessories!

  15. You so totally rock that outfit!!! 🙂 Seriously cutest baby bump!

  16. Nice! That is such a cute shirt! I’m really needing to expand my wardrobe as being pregnant for the first time means a LOT of new clothes needed and a LOT of new purchases! Ahh!

  17. Kimberley O says:

    This top is so cute. It can be hard to stay fashionable while pregnant, great find!

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