DIY 5 Minute Rustic Ornament Or Gift Tag

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5 Minute Rustic Ornament DIY

Want to make an easy DIY rustic ornament or gift tag? These are perfect for trimming your tree or adding flair to your gifts you are wrapping. In just a few minutes time you’ll have a beautiful ornament and you can pump out a whole slew of them in no time. I’m topping all of my Christmas gifts with these because they make them look so fancy and they are so easy! I love the monogram look! Plus there are two options for making these so you can make them permanent or create them so that your recipient can use the cookie cutter.

5 Minute Ornament DIY

To make these easy rustic ornaments you’ll need cookie cutters (the inexpensive metal kind), scrapbook paper, twine, a pencil, scissors and a BIC Mark-It™ permanent marker. I used the Metallics #Sapphire for mine. I love the metallic look of the monogram letters with these markers.

DIY Ornament Cut Out Shape

Begin by tracing your cookie cutter around the outside edge. Then cut it out carefully following the lines.

Monogram Ornament

Then put your monogram letter or name on the tree with yourBIC Mark-It™ Metallic Sapphire marker. Make it look fancier by adding dots on each end of your lines.

Cookie Cutter Ornament

Now it’s time to attach the paper to the back of the cookie cutter. You can do this one of two ways. If you’d like the ornament to remain permanent then use tacky glue and a Q-tip to brush glue around the edges of the cookie cutter. Leave a small opening at the top to pull the string through at the end.

If you’d like to go the easier route, or you want to be able to use the cookie cutter after, then simply use clear tape to affix the paper to the cookie cutter. Just a few pieces around the edge on the outside of the cookie cutter will hold it in place. Place the tape on the straight edges and use small pieces so it isn’t noticeable.

Monogram Christmas Ornament

Now pull your twine through the space at the top between the cookie cutter and the scrapbook paper.

Easy Rustic Christmas Ornament DIY

Tie it once against the cookie cutter and then make a loop and tie it at the top so you can hang it on a branch. See how easy that was? Make a bunch and decorate the tree or as nice gift tags for your presents.

Have you ever made your own ornaments or gift tags?

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  1. Oh my gosh what a cute idea! This would be great for grandparents – my grandma has always made Christmas Cookies – its tradition!

  2. I love how cute these turned out! I need some ideas to keep the kids entertained next week before Christmas and this would be perfect.

  3. SO CUTE! I love how cheap and easy this would be.

  4. This is so cute and easy! It would be fun for a teacher gift as well. I think I’ll make one with the kids this weekend.

  5. I really like this aesthetic! These would be great on my tree!

  6. This is super cute! I love how nice it looks and how EASY it looks. I am terrible at crafts but you made it look so simple yet still great!

  7. How super cute! I love this idea. And great way of repurposing, too.

  8. What a cute and creative idea! This makes such a nice addition to your tree!

  9. WHat a great activity to keep kids busy and in the holiday spirit! Love how easy it is!

  10. I love cookie cutters for ornaments! It’s fun knowing you can do so many other things with them then just make cookie cut outs!

  11. Gift tags no but I’ve made the little dough Christmas ornaments with my kids, but due to move they’ve been lost. This year we made foam-like ornaments from Oriental Trading.

  12. These are neat! I have some cookie cutters I was looking to trash. You just gave me some inspiration and a great idea.

  13. These are so cute, fun and so personal. I love the idea of attaching them to gifts and being able to use the cookie cutter afterwards. I am going to stock up on cookie cutters after the holiday and make some next year!

  14. Oh that is cute and so clever. My kids would have a blast with these. Great gift ideas!

  15. This is cute! I love the idea of using cookie cutters for the shapes, very creative.

  16. Rebecca Orr says:

    Best idea ever! I am going to get some cookie cutters for the kids to make these! They would love them and it would be a great tradition to start with them.

  17. Sarah Hayes says:

    i love this idea for teacher gifts. they are lovely

  18. What a super cute & easy idea~ I have a ton of cookie cutters I do not use! Thanks for linking up to Merry Monday! Sharing on Twitter! Have a great week!

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