Crying over spilled milk…Breastmilk that is…

In celebration of my hubby’s Birthday we decided we needed to go out on date night and leave the kids at home. We left the kids with my mom and I gave her a rundown of all the things she needed to know. I even gave her instructions on cloth diapering the kids (something I never thought I’d do in this lifetime). We set off for our favorite Mexican restaurant and had a wonderful dinner.

Next we went to a sporting goods store and my hubby picked up a new baseball glove as his Birthday gift. We had to head off to another store to kill a little time before the movie and I decided I better pump quick before we went to the movie. I pumped while my hubby ran into the store and picked up a few things he needed. He then got back in the car and we started driving toward the movie theater. I was in the process of getting my milk covered and into the cooler when we went around a corner and all of my milk spilled on my lap! I was soaked and looked like I had wet my pants. Of course since we had been killing time we now had only 15 minutes until the movie started and I was beyond wet. There was no way I was sitting through a movie soaking wet, much less walking in the theater looking like I peed my pants.

So we went back home to find my little guy hungry and not taking the bottle. Since I had just pumped I didn’t have any milk for him and he wasn’t too happy. I mixed him up some cereal and he sadly ate some of it.

So much for date night! We had a great time at dinner and it showed us that life doesn’t go according to plan and when you have kids the plans can change by the minute. Needless to say I was upset that A.) we missed the movie and B.) I wasted my breastmilk!

No need to cry over spilled milk though right? We’ll shoot for the movie another night 🙂



  1. oh…so sorry you didnt get your movie in! I always say my life is more exciting than any soap opera or movie ANYWAY! Sounds like yours is too!

    Better luck next time!


  2. Oh no! I'm so sorry!!

  3. Oh I hate spilling breast milk. It is such a waste. DH left mine out to long and he poured it down the drain. I was more than a little PO'ed. Do you have much trouble getting your little one to take a bottle? Mine did okay at first but now refuses anything but the breast. Hope your next date night goes smoother!


  4. I did almost cry over spilled milk once. I was working on a bottle for my little one and spilled almost a full 6 ounces of breast milk. I really felt like crying then. I had a low supply so that was like a total bummer moment. So know how it feels!
    Hope you guys can do another date night soon though!

  5. I am blessed to have a good supply, but any milk wasted is so frustrating. My DS will take a bottle from Daddy when I am at work, but he won't from any other baby sitter. I figure since he is rolling in fat that if he won't take the bottle, he will live anyways!

  6. Awww. That's stinks. I hope you guys get out again soon!

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