Chicken Alfredo Smoothie with Bacon and Green Onion Topping Recipe

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Aspen Dental. All opinions are 100% mine.

Chicken Alfredo Smoothie with Bacon and Green Onion Topping Recipe

Have you seen the video of Danica Patrick’s prank food truck yet? It’s pretty awesome. You’ve heard of fast food, but NASCAR driver Danica Patrick is taking that concept to a whole new level on the Easy Eats food truck. Check out the “unique” creations she served up to unsuspecting fans in Charlotte and see why it inspired me to make a Chicken Alfredo Smoothie complete with dinner rolls included!

If you don’t want your future meals to look like they were made by Danica Patrick’s Easy Eats food truck, then don’t avoid regular visits to the dentist. Practicing good oral health today is important to maintaining your future health.

Chicken Alfredo Smoothie with Bacon and Green Onion Topping Recipe

I thought it would be fun to re-create the food truck prank and make my own chicken alfredo smoothie complete with dinner rolls. I started with this beautiful pasta dish.

Chicken Alfredo Smoothie with Bacon and Green Onion Topping Recipe

I then pulled out my ninja blender.

Chicken Alfredo Smoothie with Bacon and Green Onion Topping Recipe

I loaded up the blender with my meal.

Chicken Alfredo Smoothie with Bacon and Green Onion Topping Recipe

  Blended it for 30 seconds and poured it in a mason jar! The smell was awful!

Chicken Alfredo Smoothie with Bacon and Green Onion Topping Recipe

I couldn’t resist the food stylist nature in me and I had to sprinkle some bacon bits and green onions on top to make it look more appetizing but despite that it was so disgusting!!! This is definitely an eye opening example of how important it is that we maintain good oral health so we can avoid losing our teeth (and our favorite meals!). 

How often do you visit the dentist? Last year more than 150 million Americans did not visit a dentist, either because they struggled to find care when they needed it or delayed it as a lesser priority.

Let’s face it, the dentist is not on the top of my fun things to do list. However, I known the importance of good oral care so I make it a priority that my entire family visits the dentist every 6 months for regular cleanings and check ups.

Fortunately for you, this chicken alfredo smoothie can be avoided! Aspen Dental is one of the largest and fastest-growing networks of dental care providers in the U.S., providing millions of Americans with access to quality, affordable dental care to help keep their mouths on track. If you are struggling to receive oral care due to lack of insurance or the high costs then visit A Taste of the Future.

Would you taste my Chicken Alfredo Smoothie?

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  1. nicole dziedzic says:

    Okay good i knew this had to be a joke or prank cause i was thinking this does not sound to appetizing when i seen the title of the post. I bet it did smell awful.

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    Honestly, I couldn’t. Chicken in liquid form isn’t for me.

  3. OMG. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. Good think I brush and floss twice a day!

  4. Oh, that looks so nasty! Blech! I could never. Ever.

  5. Jenna Wood says:

    Hey,I’d try it- I had to eat something similar after having all 4 of my wisdom teeth (and an extra incisor) removed, as a teen. But, seriously, take care of those chompers- eating like that is no fun!

  6. This totally gave me flashbacks to having jaw surgery. Pizza is also awful in the blender.

  7. I was so afraid this was a real recipe and was trying to figure out how to comment on something so gross! This is a point well made.

  8. I was thinking that maybe I would have liked this after one of my dental trips lol but most likely NOT!

  9. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Oh man, that is super gross to even think of! I am sure it tastes great whole, but blended? YUCK! I better go brush my teeth now!

  10. You couldn’t pay me to try that! HA! That is nasty but oh so funny to do to someone else.

  11. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    I do not think i would want to try a Chicken Alfredo Smoothie. I like my smoothies with fruit. I try to go to the dentist at least once a year.

  12. I might try it, I’ve had some pretty nasty things in my life. And, thanks for the reminder I need to head to the dentist!

  13. Ha, ha, ha… that is so gross. Ha! The whole family just had our dental visits last month and all but one had no cavities 🙂 woo hoo

  14. I definitely wouldn’t want to have to drink all my meals in liquid form. I don’t know if I would try it!

  15. Something came up just reading the title of this blog post. I was so relieved to see that this wasn’t a “real” recipe! Yuck yuck yuck

  16. Wow, definitely gets points for thinking outside the box (I mean plate)! 🙂

  17. Eww! I am totally cringing at the thought! Off to schedule my next dentist appointment ASAP!

  18. Oh no, no, no. That is awful. But my son over here is saying, yeah, I’d try that.

  19. Seriously don’t think I could stomach drinking a Chicken Alfredo shake. Blah. There are just some foods you need texture and shape to! And that is one of them. But i love the idea of really driving home the importance for good dental health! otherwise you will be eating your meals like this!

  20. I think it will have to pass on this recipe! A great reminder to brush and floss daily!

  21. I love Chicken Alfredo but definitely wouldn’t drink it in smoothie form.

  22. vickie Couturier says:

    some things were just not ment to be blended

  23. Very unique recipe! I can’t wait to make it.

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