Burning Fat Fast: A Scientific Approach to Losing Your Baby Weight

You gain about a pound a week during your pregnancy. But in childbirth and in the week that follows, as you would expect, you get to lose as much as 12 pounds in a very short period of time. By taking a scientific approach to burning fat fast, you’ll understand what is needed to actually lose the baby baby weight. 

Burning Fat Fast: A Scientific Approach to Losing Your Baby Weight

 After a few weeks of recuperation, the initial thrill of the quick loss of weight will give way to some anxiety. It’s usual to begin worrying about what you are to do about the rest of the weight that you’ve put on.

Technically, it is possible to lose all of this weight in 9 months — at about a pound a week. It can be hard to achieve this target, however. Most new moms manage exercise routines that help them lose no more than a pound a month. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. When you keep it up, you can eventually get the body back that you had before you became pregnant. You’ll get to enjoy life too, rather than suffer relentless pressure to shape up. Here are sensible ideas to help yourself on the way there.


Throw yourself into nursing your baby


Many new moms worry about how breast-feeding will actually add to their weight by making their breasts bigger and heavier. No matter how engorged they get, the breasts don’t add much to your weight. Breast-feeding is one of the biggest advantages that you have working for you as you try to lose weight after the baby. When you nurse, you send plenty of calories out of your body to nourish your baby — about 80 calories each time, or 500 calories a day. Since breast-feeding mothers only need about 300 extra calories a day added to their diet, there is a considerable amount of calorie surplus.


Try a well-rounded approach


Decades ago, new mothers were strictly confined to bed as a way to help them recover. Today, research indicates that it takes both a wisely planned diet and a properly designed exercise routine to achieve optimum health and speedy weight loss after childbirth. One doesn’t need extreme dieting or fitness workouts. Indeed, these could harm the health if done without close medical supervision. Instead, a good diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, and a fun exercise routine like  Kayla Itsines’ BBG workout or similar workouts help new moms stay committed and achieve excellent results.


Get creative, making time for exercise


Once your body is ready for a proper fitness routine, it can still be hard to find the time. Taking care of a baby can be draining, after all. There are creative hacks that you can try to pack more into the time that you have available. Working out first thing in the morning is a good idea, for example. You’ll have the most energy that you will at any time of the day. Walking or bicycling wherever you can rather than driving, and using every wasted minute during the day to work out in, can all help.


Pay attention to the health of your pelvic floor


The pelvic floor, the expanse of muscle on the floor of your abdominal cavity that holds the abdominal organs in place, can be severely stressed through childbirth. Any weakening experienced, however, often doesn’t show up immediately. You may lose weight working out right now, but get it all back years later, when a failing pelvic floor makes it hard for you to keep your fitness routine up. The answer is to visit a pelvic floor physiotherapist today, for a thorough therapeutic routine that brings this vital part of your body back to peak form.


Finally, get plenty of sleep


Sometimes, you can feel so committed to your weight loss goal, you may give up sleep to hit the treadmill. This isn’t a good idea. Studies indicate that mothers who sleep fewer than five hours a night lose about ten pounds less than moms who get a full night’s rest. It even applies to your diet. If you begin to eat less than you should for any reason, you’ll trip an internal switch. Your body will begin to believe that there isn’t enough nourishment available, and hang on to those calories.


Weight loss doesn’t work any differently for new moms than it does for anyone else. What is different, however, is the situation that you find yourself in. With a greater amount of stress and responsibility to deal with, and with a more delicate body, new moms can find it hard to know which way to head. Patience and perseverance are your best allies.


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