Bright Starts 14 Days of Laughter: Automatic Bouncer Review & HUGE giveaway!

I told you about the Bright Starts 14 Days of Laughter event that was going on this week. Yesterday it took place at 3 Kids and Us. Well, today is my day! As many of you know my little Aiden is quite the fussy dude. He likes to be moving and shaking all the time. After bouncing his old bouncy seat until my leg was numb I knew I needed to find a better solution. He hated his old bouncy seat for two main reasons, a) the vibrating option did nothing for him and b) the toy bar in front of him was way to busy and it overstimulated him.

Bright Starts to the rescue! Finally someone created a bouncy seat that bounces itself. Yes, that’s right I said it bounces itself! We got to review the Automatic Bouncer and no more numb leg for me! Powered by Hybridrive Technology it gives a smooth, consistent bounce similar to mom’s movements. It has two speeds, low and moderate. My only suggestion for improvement would be that my little guy needs a high speed option. He really likes to be moving! It has more than 2 times the battery life of other bouncy seats so you aren’t going through batteries like crazy either. We haven’t had to change them yet!

Aiden is smiling away in his seat! I love that the toy bar easily pivots back to get him in and out easy. Another reason I love this feature is because he is easily overstimulated and doesn’t always want the toys in front of him. It is really easy to just push it back and make him happy. He also loves the music and nature sounds that the bouncer plays. They are soothing and not at all annoying.

The toys are simple and that is perfect for my little guy. He loves not having too much going on in front of him. It comes with a removable head rest and bolster for added comfort. The head rest, bolster and seat pad are all machine washable too which is a must for my little guy.

Check out the adorable toys attached to the toy bar. The Automatic Bouncer is perfect for at home or at Grandma’s house. It is great for sleep or play time. It would make an excellent baby shower gift too!

The Automatic Bouncer is very easy to use and operate as well. The buttons are big and easy to push with the power button being little which is perfect at deterring little fingers (like Danika’s) from turning it off unexpectedly.

You can buy the InGenuity Automatic Bouncer at Target for $49.99. You can find additional retailers HERE. It isn’t more expensive than many other bouncy seats and is well worth the price.
Here is a video clip of my son in his Automatic Bouncer. I think the video speaks for itself. He is a fairly fussy baby and you wouldn’t know it by the video! He loves his Automatic Bouncer. It also shows how the Bouncer bounces so you can get an idea of how it works. I had to show my hubby this video because he was at work when I filmed Aiden and he couldn’t believe how happy he was.

Now wasn’t that cute? 🙂
Here is a little bit about the Bright Starts Facebook page if you missed my previous post:
Ever have one of those days where you could really use a laugh or have an experience with your kid that you really need to share with the masses? Well, this evening we are launching a new tab on the Bright Starts Facebook Page affiliated with the launch of the 14 Days of Laughter. Through this tab, moms can submit stories, jokes, videos, and photos to our database of laughs.
Once you visit the Facebook page and become a fan you can submit your story and you will receive a coupon off your next Bright Starts purchase!

You can check out the full list of blogs hosting the 14 Days of Laughter reviews and giveaways HERE.

Now for the giveaway!

Win! One lucky reader will win their choice item from the new InGenuity Collection! You may choose from the Automatic Bouncer, Cradle & Sway Swing, Playard, or Portable Swing.

  • I want to hear your funniest Dad and kid interactions. Tell me a story about your hubby or baby’s Dad interacting with them. I’d also love to know which item you would choose if you won.
    *Remember to include your email address in your comment if it is not visible on your profile or you will be disqualified.

This giveaway has ended. Congrats to the winner:
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  1. I remember when we had our first daughter. He would hold her several feet away from him like she was a piece of sterile physician equipment.

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  5. I remember my husband was so afraid to change my daughters diaper all the time he would always avoid it. well I finally talked him into it and he was just assuming she was wet and it was other one and it had spread all the way up her back. think that damaged him and to this day he still avoids it. I would love the playard.

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  15. I will never forget the look on my husbands face the first time our daughter threw up on him, priceless. We would love the big swing!
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  17. The funniest dad and daughter interaction…

    ~ he usually puts her underwear on wrong. Most times the leg hole is around her waste and the waist hole around her leg. then she comes to me and says "daddy gave me a wedgie"

    it happens pretty often and it is always very funny. everytime i teach him to put it on correctly – he still does not get it…

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  20. My husband has a little game he plays with our daughter- she laughs so hard she always gets the hiccups! It is so cute! I'd like to win the Automatic bouncer.

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  24. Happy to be a part of the 14 Days promotion!! Great review.

  25. We're expecting our first, so no great dad-child interactions YET, but I will share how I knew he was the man I wanted to marry.

    We were visiting family, and an emergency came up. Jason offered to watch my goddaughter, who was 2 at the time, so my cousin and I could take care of the issue.

    We came home, and found the two of them playing together. Alizah had taken all of her costume jewelry and was putting it on herself, then taking it off and putting it on Jason. When I grabbed the camera to take pictures, I captured huge smiles on both their faces. Seeing how good Jason was with my niece definitely helped seal the deal.

    Now I hope I can win the Portable Swing for our little one due in August!

    dvanti77 at gmail dot com

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  33. My husband had never even held a baby before our son. He was terrified of everything, especially poop! When our son was just a few weeks old, our son projectile pooped all over my husband's pants and arm. He about died. Needless to say, it took a while to get him to change diapers again.

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  36. my husband is head over heels with our little boy. my best memory so far was the first bath i saw him give charlie. lots of talking between those two guys!!

  37. When Alicia was just a few days old, dad was holding her and he did not have a shirt on. He totally freaked out when she tried to nurse on him. I thought it was hysterical!

    If I win, I would like the Playard.

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  47. When the kids were at home, you could always bet that if one of them started to throw up…daddy would be in the other bathroom doing the very same thing! At least his I didn't have to clean up!!!

  48. anonymous says:

    When our son was newly born, my husband was so scared to even touch him..he thought he would break, or hurt him. So I would have to hand him over to him, make sure he was okay, etc. He would jump/flinch if our baby even sneezed, yawned, drooled. Too Funny!

    I would choose that Cradle&Sway Swing!

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  52. This story is about my brother and his daughter. He is a rough and tough motorcycle dude with the long hair and such. The sweetest thing is watching his little girl brush her daddy's hair and put pretty pink ponie tail holders and ribbons in it.


    I would pick the Automatic Bouncer you sold me, it sounds great!

  53. I am following you from MBC!
    your Blog is great! – can you please follow me back?


  54. Our son was rather large when he was born and had quite a pointy head by the time he came out. The first thing my husband said wasn't "it's a boy" or anything like that. He said "look at it's head!!" Needless to say after a day or two his head looked normal, but we still crack up about his "loving" first impression! I would probably choose the Cradle & Sway Swing.

  55. The funniest thing I can remember about my hubby and son interacting was when I ran out to go shopping and my husband was tasked with changing the baby. He thought my son might like some powder on his tush and accidentally dumped the entire bottle on him!!! He was so embarassed and tried to clean it all up before I got home, meanwhile my poor son is sneezing uncontrollably from the powder!

    I would love the automatic bouncer for our upcoming baby, due in May, thanks!

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  60. My husband always got suck with the 1st few diaper changes and it was funny watching him complain that the black tar wasn't coming off and how a kid can poop this

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  77. Alright let's see I was laughing so hard when I got home from store and my hubby had my son in the shower and holding his marshmallows (bottom) up to the shower head, because he doesn't do changing #2 that well. He used the shower instead of wipes and waited until I came home to put new diaper and clothes on him.

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  83. My son was about three months old and my husband loved holding him up in the air real high because it made him laugh and my son puked mid air and it went in my husbands mouth, it just so happens I had my camera out so I took a picture, he was cute and joked around with it sticking his tonge out, but he freaked at first.


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  90. When our first daughter was a few weeks old, we had some pics taken. DH had picked up our daughter, minus her diaper to sooth her. She peed on him then fell asleep. To this day he won't hold any of our other daughters without a diaper! But that snapshot is my favorite pic ever!

    I'd love the playyard.

  91. When Kaiya had the hiccups for the first time I heard my husband go BOO. I asked him what the heck he was doing and he said he was trying to scare her so her hiccups would go away. Yes, my husband was trying to sacre the hiccups out of our newborn daughter. I have the play yard and would love to add the swing or bouncer!

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  93. Even after 4 kids, my husband is so scared of "breaking" a newborn baby! You should see him treat babies like they are eggs….haha!
    If I were to win, I would pick the cradle and sway swing!

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  111. My friend's little one doesn't technically have a dad but the guy that is helping with him now is funny b/c he hates when the baby is changed and can't be in the same room with him!

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    oh, and we'd want the automatic bouncer

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  113. Oh Dad afraid of poop. It washes. My husband made everything a game, including diaper changing. Sometime the clean diaper was a screen for a puppet show, sometimes a cape in a bull fight, sometimes a magic show. All were integrated in the diaper changing. A particually bad change and it was time for a swim. He was a great Dad. Now he is a grandpa with lots more tricks.

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  121. My husband has been the #1 diaper changer since the second our son was born, I was down with c-sec and tons of drugs and then a spinal leak…no getting out of bed for me. For someone who had not been around kids at all (except for my nephew and niece) he knew what he was doing. He also fell asleep holding the baby (baby sleeping as well) and baby started rooting around and trying to nurse on him…he finally woke and came running holding our son about 20 feet away from him saying I think you should feed him. LOL it was hilarous! He can't wait for their outdoor excursions.

  122. I subscribe via email ( I would so choose the bouncer! No numb leg sounds like a winner even if it takes a million batteries!)

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  125. Well, I think it's funny that no matter how many times I try to encourage Daddy to use real words and model more advanced sounds to our 9 month old, every time he picks her up, he will start growling to her like a lion… and of course, that's now her best sound! They just growl back and forth at each other!

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  129. My son was raised without a father. When they met when my son was a week old, his dad tried to hold him. My son looked at him and started screaming. It was funny to me, anyway.

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  132. I love when my husband would nap while holding our infant, they would both recline the same way and cock their heads in positions that didn't look comfortable at all. Maybe not that funny, but it always made me smile. I also think it's funny how my husband refuses to change cloth diapers, as if the concept is really bizarre.
    I'd choose the playard.
    mmclean13 at gmail dot com

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  134. The funniest story I have is when my husband and daughter were brushing their teeth one night in the bathroom together and my daughter turned to him and said, "Dad you have a penis right?". He about died! He didn't realize that she had just asked me about private parts that morning. Poor guy! 🙂

    I would probably want the bouncer.

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  141. anonymous says:

    every time my husband needs to change a puppy diaper he breaths heavily and that makes me laugh. I'd love playard.

  142. Sorry about deleting my other comment I forgot to put which prize I would want if I am lucky. I would want the cradle and sway swing.
    My husband really never did do anything funny with any of our children when they were little but he did when they got around 2. He took my son fishing and my son saw a fish and started crying because daddy didn't jump in to get the fish since it wasn't biting the worms. Daddy had to explain that, that is not the way to go fishing and after daddy held him for awhile he was ready to start fishing again

  143. anonymous says:

    The funniest time with all my kids was when they would learn to "kiss." Daddy always thinks it's pretty gross when they start slobbering all over his face!
    If I won I would probably choose the playard…or maybe the portable swing?

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  155. One time my husband was throwing my son up in the air and whacked his head on the ceiling. Nice.

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  159. First off your blog is awesome. 🙂 Im trying to get mine to be as awesome as yours. But don't know if I will make it there.

    Hmmm a funny story. Well actually this happened the other night. Dad was moving a mattress into her room and he must have said this a while back it is @$$%ing heavy, because DD said, "Daddy is it @!#$ing heavy?" She was so serious and we laughed so hard. It was hilarious.

    I would want the automatic bouncey seat actually! But I never win anything.

  160. When my daughter's first childe, a boy was born, her hubby decided he was going to have an active role in parenting. The second day at the hospital the baby had a messy diaper and daddy decided he was going to change it. He took one look at the tar-like mess and said I need some wipes!! & and when asked how many, he replied "The whole box!!!!" We all cracked up! The look on his face was priceless.

    I would like the cradle & sway swing if I win – for another new grand baby!

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  165. my little son hit a wiffle into my husbands dad

  166. I deleted one comment because I posted the wrong tweet link – the one for one of your other giveaways!
    Sorry the correct tweet link is

    follow on twitter @jbafaith

  167. I remember when we had our first child he would feed her than hold her up above him getting huge smiles out of her he thought it was so cute till she spit up all over his face and little in his mouth, needless to say he didn't do that again. Still a good laugh!!!
    I would pick the playard if i win.

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  176. the first time he changed my son and got peed on

  177. When my DD was a newborn she pooped ALL OVER DH one time. We got a picture of it, of course, but it was HILARIOUS at the time and still is!! 🙂

    Oh, and I would get the Bouncer or the Portable Swing… Hmm

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  188. My husband didn't really know how to hold our daughter when she was born. He would put one hand under her butt and one hand under her head and hold her out away from him. It took a looong time for this to change!!
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  191. We don't have any funny baby stories….yet!! 🙂 However, when we were babysitting our niece, she had an upset stomach from a new formula she was taking. While my husband was holding her up in the air playing airplane, she had a very messy accident…and it ran out of the side of her diaper/onesie into his lap. He was freaking out and everyone else was laughing hysterically!
    I would choose the Craddle and Sway Swing! Thanks so much!

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  193. when my daughter was still a little little baby, about a month old, my brother in law kept her while my sister and i ran up the street to pick up the pop n pizza,we werent even gone 10 minutes but when i came back it was like a sitcom!! he had heated her bottle, but didnt twist the lid and when went to feed her he instead poured milk all over her, which only made her scream louder, and we all know how loud a baby can get when they are hungry, so there he sat trying to clean her, hold her, and shush her, all while just about crying hisself!!

  194. i would want the cradle n sway swing , thanks

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  200. My funniest story was when my DS was born and Kenny had to change the diapers because I was healing from my C-section, and I heard Kenny scream like a girl. Come to find out DS had peed on him. LOL!

    I would choose the portable swing.

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  207. I remember my husband reading his theology textbooks to my weeks-old son while pacing our five foot long apartment with my son in a baby carrier. The sound of Dad's voice calmed him, but Dad had some studying to do! (He was in graduate school at the time.)

    I'd love the bouncer. We currently don't have one.

  208. Hmmm…the most recent would have to be when Daddy fell asleep on the couch a few weeks ago and Gavin colored his face with markers HILARIOUS! Hubby was so mad he had green lines all down one side of his face. I about peed in my pants when it didn't come out on the first shower!

    I would chose the Cradle & Sway Swing!!!!!!

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  215. My 2.5 yr old was calling for his Papa one day and was getting no response so, he started calling even louder. Then, all of a sudden, he yells out, "Cory DeBord!! Come here, please!" lol!! The little stinker had heard me call him Cory so many times, I guess, and knew it got his attention. Of course, he got attacked my the tickle monster Papa for that one. 🙂
    It's a hard choice, but I think the portable swing would be great since we are always visiting grandparents and could take it along! I love that smiley pic of your little boy. adorable!!
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  230. We were preparing to leave the hospital after the birth of my youngest child. My husband was busy stuffing everything under the stroller and I was dressing the baby. My husband turned around to ask me something just as I lifted my son's legs to stick a diaper underneath and my son had an exploding poop that shot all over my husbands clothing. My poor hubby had to leave the hospital in an undershirt and poop covered pants. Funny how it took until our 5th kid for him to get pooped on.
    I would love the portable swing.

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  233. It's actually a Grandpa story, I hope that's okay. He was helping me with a diaper, and my son started peeing, and my Dad was holding his legs, and my son peed on his shirt and so he didn't want his shirt peed on so he moved the direction of my sons legs and so instead my sons pee shifted directions.. directly into my mouth. LOL. It was gross, but hysterical. I would choose the playard. 🙂

  234. I follow on gfc.

  235. Casey is potty training and does not like to wear a pull-up at night. My husband was chasing him around the house and stuck the pull-up on his head to be funny like a hat, Casey busted up and thought it was so funny he went and got a pull-up and put it on his head then Caleb my oldest went and did the same thing. They were all so giggly. So the next morning i went to get Casey out of his room and he put the pull up back on his head and the pull-up hat giggles started all over again.

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  239. My husband & I are expecting our first child together, although I have a child I brought into the marriage. He's been an amazing father to my son – but he's only been around him since he was over the age of 1 – so I can't wait to see how he parents a newborn as currently he won't even hold one because he's afraid of dropping them! =)
    I'd pick the swing or pack & play.

    autumn398 @

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  245. The funniest interaction to me was the time my husband was changing a diaper and forgot to hold something over our son as he was changing diapers. Needless to say he got a faceful of urine.

  246. I would love love love the portable swing! 🙂 Funniest dad and kiddie moment-there are so many!! My hubby is a great dad! I love watching them interact. They are so adorable when they wrestle. Our lil man is only 2 and so tiny compared to hubby, but they really have a ball rolling around on the bed jumping on one another. 🙂 Jenprincess88 at aol dot com

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  260. I would choose the Portable Swing, but since our daughter is pregnant, we could use all of them!

    My dad/child story happened when my husband kept jostling the baby on his knee pretending he was a bouncy horse. I TOLD him not to, she had just had her bottle. Well….she projectile vomited so much all over him that it even went BEHIND his glasses. He held her out at arm's length saying "Help me!" But I couldn't. I was on the floor laughing with my other kids, it was so darn funny.

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  269. One night my hubby was putting my 3y.o. daughter to bed while I was gone. She kept coming out of her bed, wanting to play with him. Finally he told her, "Okay, that's enough… Mom's gonna be home soon and she's gonna be mad."

    Elizabeth smiled sweetly, batted her eyelashes at him and said, "I can handle Mama."

    I'd pick the cradle & sway swing for an expecting mama that could desperately use it! 🙂

    logan 4301 @

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  275. I would choose the bouncer. One favorite interaction was the first time our son 'kissed' his daddy. You know, when the baby tries to cram your entire chin into their mouth, and suck on it really hard. Only, my DH was scruffy and not expecting it, and my son was used to my smooth chin. They both pulled away at the same time. The suction broke with a loud noise. They just looked at each other with those popped out eyes you see on the cartoons. I laughed. A lot.

  276. I subscribe.

  277. Entered the Little Wonder giveaway!

    logan 4301 @

  278. I have a story that is hard to beat. When my first and only child was about 1 week old my husband was changing her diaper while I laid in bed because I was so tired. My husband took off the diaper and my daughter pooped so quick and hard that it hit everything from her butt to the wall 6 feet away including our tv!!!!!! my husband hasn't changed a diaper since.

    cradle and sway swing

    ykatrina at hotmail dot com

  279. Well we're currently expecting #1, so the only funny stories I have are of getting hubby ready for the baby. Sometimes when I'm not around, I hear him "practicing" talking to the baby. "Now son, don't put that in your mouth!" "Quit throwing your socks little lady." it's really cute and really funny.

    I think if I won I would choose the play yard.

    Hayatiggs at comcast dot net

  280. My husband was changing our son's diaper, and while he was changing him, my son pooped some more…my husband described it as looking like soft serve ice cream coming out of the machine :)~

    I'd love to win the swing, thanks for the chance!

    penelopesoasis at yahoo dot com

  281. The biggest laugh I have thanks to my husband is when he mixes up our identical twin boys. You'd think after almost 2 years he wouldn't mess them up at all, alas he still at least once a week. I will find them put to bed in the wrong crib, put in the wrong high chair etc. I ask him when this happened one time why he just didn't look at Baby A's birth mark on his shin. And my husband said he did, but it was that Baby B had a bruise in the same spot on his leg.
    I would choose the playard.

  282. I entered the Princess & the Frog DVD giveaway!

  283. We recently had a baby boy and when my husband gave him his first bath the baby peed all over hubbys arm and shirt! I'd love to win the Playard.

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  306. loved watching his first diaper cahnge…he was a pro

  307. Once when my husband had my son for the day the baby had a poopy explosion down below. My husband didn't have wipes, so his solution was to dunk the baby in thocean to get him cleaned off. Funny now, but at the time I was horrified!

    I would choose the swing!

  308. I subscribe by email

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  312. When I was delivering our twins dh was telling me to concentrate & I was in the midst of pushing when I grabbed the IV pole at least 5 ft off the ground, his mouth literally hit the floor

  313. gfc

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  315. Bright Starts fb

  316. em sub

  317. I ended up having a c-section and a difficult recovery afterward at home. Even so, the household chores still needed to be done and the only other person available to do them was, lo and behold, hubby. So, one of the cutest pictures I have of Emma's early life is one of my husband vacuuming the kitchen while wearing her in a snugli! 🙂
    I think I would choose the travel swing.

  318. I'm an email subscriber!

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  321. anonymous says:

    When our first child was born my husband and I operated a family business and we brought our daughter with us. I was responsible for answering phones, scheduling service calls, etc. I left her with him for a few minutes one day so I could make a bank deposit and she had an explosion. When I came back she had poop everywhere and he was frantically trying to clean her up while handling a business call. It may not seem too funny, but the look on his face was priceless!
    I would like the bouncer.

  322. anonymous says:

    Current email subscriber

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    Follow via Google Friend Connect-suebabe0704

  324. When my older son was about 2, my husband was at home on a business call. He was pacing back and forth in a very intense conversation. My son picked up his play phone and started mimicking everything my husband did, every hand gesture, facial expression. It was the cutest thing. When my husband noticed, he had to start laughing.

    candaceotto32 at yahoo dot com

  325. I subscribe by email. (I forgot to state in my previous post that I would pick the playard).

  326. I follow publicly on gfc.

  327. anonymous says:
  328. my daughter is only 3 months old, but my husband is a fool with her! I love watching him talk to her and make up silly songs to make her laugh. i would choose the cradle swing.

  329. I have your birthday bash button.

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    FB Fan of Bright Starts

  347. Hubby loves to play with JoHanna and the more and more I tell him not to bounce her around after she eats he doesnt listen until the other night when she spit up all over him! lol

    If we won I would choose the Cradle & Sway Swing for JoHanna!

  348. I follow your blog

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  352. i have your birthday bash button too

  353. My 22 month old just took an interest in what my husband is doing while exercising. My son tried to do push ups just like daddy. It was really cute…however, he got a little to quick and bopped his head on the floor…luckily he didn't get hurt and it was just really funny!
    I would like the Automatic Bouncer…ours does not work well at all!

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  360. anonymous says:

    Bright Starts give away. I would choose the swing.
    My husband is currently a stay at home father. He and my daughter are best friends. When I come home from work they do the Yo Gabba Gabba dance together. It is so funny and cute all at the same time!

  361. tweet
    writeroxie at gmail dot com

  362. When our daughter was a baby, he would lay on the floor and she would lay on his chest and fall asleep.

  363. anonymous says:

    My funniest baby and his daddy moment was when he was little and getting a bath. He squirted all over his daddy..ha ha.I warned him about this.

  364. anonymous says:

    Subscribe to your email.

    I would choose the pllay yard if I won. Thanks.

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    Grabbed your button.

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    kelly Coleman

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    Kelly Coleman

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    entered Disney DVD giveaway.

  371. I would want the playard-so neat! My favorite moment was when my husband was carrying our baby daughter so proudly and she threw up in his shirt pocket-the look on his face was priceless!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  372. I follow your blog publicly.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  373. I'd choose the portable swing as a gift for the parents of the baby I am carrying.

    Hmm, I'd say the best Dad and child moment that I can think of.. between my Dad and myself. I remember him taking me on his motorcycle when I was a child (not super young!). It was really fun and a bonding moment for us, I think. 🙂

    THANK YOU! alisonad23 at gmail dot com

  374. I have your button at
    smchester at gmail dot com

  375. I wish I could think of just one thing! My husband is just wonderful with the kids, and tells them stories all the time that make them giggle! It's so sweet to watch them together.

  376. My DH is great with the twins. He holds them both and tries to do the sprinkler dance and it just cracks them up.

    i would choose the play yard.

    member (dot) thao (at)

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  380. We had our first baby 2 months ago. As my hubby was was getting our son undressed for bathtime (the first time daddy was doing bathtime on his own) he called me into the bathroom for a little assistance. He was holding our baby up, and in his lap was a nice stinky present.
    I would choose the automatic bouncer.

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  386. My third daughter is afraid of my husband. Every time he talks to her she puckers up and screams! I would choose the swing.

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  392. anonymous says:
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  394. anonymous says:

    Nothing is funnier than a new dad learning the hard way that you can't drop your guard for a second while changing a baby boy. You hear him scream and by the time you come to the rescue, not only is dad soaked but the wall and curtains too!

    I'd want the sway and cradle swing

  395. I blogged about this awesome giveaway today:


  396. I blogged about this awesome giveaway today:


  397. We entered the Disney Princess and the Frog Giveaway.

  398. My favorite interaction between my 7 1/2 week old daughter and my husband are the ones he doesn't know I hear – when he takes baby duty and I sleep, I can hear him in the baby's room interacting with her. I love to hear him exclaim to her over her dirty diapers and make goofy noises at her.

    I would LOVE to try the bouncer!

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  403. My son loves to play with his papa as a jungle gym. Hubby will be laying on the floor and son will be climbing on his head and then sit down. The best time was when he did that and he had a poopy diaper…..ewwwww
    annamie2 at hotmail dot com

    oh and we would love to have the big swing

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  417. This is funny to me, but hubby always manages to put the kids clothes on backwards, or inside out and diapering, is funny! This morning he had put LO in a flip diaper and I still can't figure out what he was thinking with the snaps. He loves our boys and plays with them, but when it comes to the basics of dressing, etc. he is funny how he goes about it!!

    I so need a playard with my soon to be 6 month old. We are almost out of the swing:(. Time flies!!

  418. Subscriber.

  419. GFC Follower: karen bridges

  420. FB FAN of MMMH: Karen Bridges

  421. i'd choose the cradle/swing

    my son was such a mommys boy…he wouldn't even go to the park with his dad alone…one time he was so excited to be heading to the park til he realized mom wasn't coming andf then it was back in the house, til we all went…the next time though he went with dad, and he goes regularly just with dad and loves it

  422. e-mail subscriber

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  434. Hubby's always been strict with our son, but our daughter has him wrapped around her finger! (He would NEVER admit that.) The other day, he told her to put her toys away. She refused. He said, "You better pick those up or I'm gonna spank your butt." Her reply. "No you're not." And she walked off swinging her hips. Hahahahaha! DRAMA QUEEN! Did he spank her? NO!

  435. I'm a follower!

  436. Entered the Princess & The Frog DVD giveaway.

  437. anonymous says:

    entered Sandra M giveaway.

  438. My favorite was the first time my husband changed our baby's diaper (okay, it was like, the 3rd time, but he was still new at it).

    Our son started peeing, and it went right in hubby's mouth. I'm sure this happens to every new parent at some point, but hubby's reaction was priceless. He gagged, he puked, and I almost peed myself laughing at the whole spectacle. Our kid's got good aim — I'm thinking he's destined to be an Olympic curler or archer or something!

    Also, I'd like to win the Cradle Sway and Swing 🙂

    klamanuzzi at gmail dot com

  439. I follow you on Twitter (Karileee) and here's my tweet:

    klamanuzzi at gmail dot com

  440. entered Sandra Magsaman-Jenprincess88 at aol dot com

  441. I think I would choose the playard – ours is very cheap and uncomfortable. I won't buy a cheap one again, that's for sure. 🙂

    Funny dad/baby moment: When my daughter was still very young, just a month or two, she really connected to her daddy (and she still is a total daddy's girl at 2). He cuddled with her and stuck his tongue out at her, and she surprised us by responding and sticking her tongue out at him! She was just SO tiny, it was really funny and totally adorable. 🙂

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  442. I'm a new blog follower! 🙂

    ladyufshalott at yahoo dot com

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  445. no funny stories yet… baby is still too young, but an amazing one. While he was in the womb (and we thought it was a she!), he began to know who his daddy was. Initially whenever Daddy put his hand on my tummy, and then later even whenever Dad was next to me, he'd migrate to that side – this wasn't just a one time deal – it happened the whole pregnancy once he started being able to move like that!! And it was only his daddy he'd do it for – anyone else and he'd stay still… or move away!! wow. And he still loves his daddy. 🙂

    simplymerry at gmail dot com

  446. subscribed by email
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  456. My husband cracks me up with our son, I thought I would be the overprotective one…but no way! For example when my son was learning to climb up and down the steps I would let him practice with me right there and he did it once when my husband was around and he freaked out and went and bought more baby gates…so then there was one at the top and the bottom…a little too paranoid!

  457. The funniest interaction that I can think of right now is when little man woke real early and my husband went to get him. He refused to go to sleep in our bed he was convienced it was time to wake. So they went to the living room. about an hour later I woke and went to see why it was so quiet. THey were asleep on the couch. or Little man was on the couch all spread out and my husband was on the edge I swear he should have been on the floor. He had no room whatsoever!! Little man takes up tons of space for such a little guy.
    bwneyes100 AT hotmail DOT com

  458. I subscribe! and I forgot to post which I would like. I think I would like the swing… I am a bit torn on the playyard too.
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  468. anonymous says:

    everytime my husband starts dancing my daughter gets up and starts dancing with him.. shes only 10 months.. its so cute.


  469. tweet tweet

    jbafaith2001 at yahoo dot com

  470. We entered the Knickernappies

  471. It was about 2 days after bringing our first son home. I had him changing the diaper, as I lifted him, he let it fly on me. Dad took off running laughing, only to make a few feet and turn around with a serious look, ha ha! He had to help me clean the baby and me..
    My mom laughed, she was sitting there.

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  478. My absolute favorite dad/baby interaction is when my husband gets home from work. I recently became a SAHM and Baby S has decided he LOVES to look out our front bay window. When he's fussy before dinner it's the only thing that cheers him up. So we watch for daddy. And when daddy's car pulls in the drive way, S starts stomping and gets all excited. And when daddy comes in the door and scoops up S, the squeals are too much. I love it1

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  498. I would choose the Portable Swing. One of my sons and husband have been racing RC cars and my son has always gotten last place at the indoor track. Last weekend my son got bragging rights when he beat his dad. They were ribbing each other for days.

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  507. I remember watching my husband change our daughter's diaper when we got home from the hospital, and I started laughing cause he had put the diaper on her backward..Funny!! I would like to have the Playard if I win.

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  517. This is really grandfather and grandson, but recently my son-in-law was on the floor with his grandson, who apparently had certain ideas about how they should be playing. The baby pushed him so that he would lay down and then climbed on top to play motorcycle (I would say horsey, but horses don't go 'vroom, vroom'!). He had the smuggest grin on his face!
    I would like the play-yard.

    cgclynsg0 at gmail dot com

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  523. Hubby's 1st time bathing the twins was a hoot. We all know how slippery lil' ones can be. After one time of bathing them we decided it wasn't the job for him. He was so nervous. I couldn't help but laugh. He hasn't bathed them since. He says he much rather prefers diapering & will leave the bathing to me.

    I'd choose the Cradle & Sway Swing.

  524. We entered the Rubbermaid giveaway.

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  533. We follow and tweeted this super giveaway today:

  534. Whenever my daughter has a really dirty diaper, my husband says, in his most Southern drawl, "You made all the kinfolk proud!!" It gets her cracking up!

    sarahdmertz at yahoo dot com

  535. I follow your blog publicly.

    sarahdmertz at yahoo dot com

  536. anonymous says:
  537. I came home from work one day and my husband had put together the toddler bed for our daughter. He took the box from the toddler bed and cut it so it looked like a huge fort for our daughter and had it set up in our basement. When I walked in he was crawling around in the fort, peeking out the windows with my daughter and they starting throwing her rubber blocks out the window at me, yelling and having a great time. It was hilarious to see them both playing together like that.

  538. I subscribe via email

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  556. My son did a nice little projectile vomit once and it hit his daddy right in the face.

    (I think I'd give this awesome giveaway to my brother's family who is expecting baby #2 so I'd let them pick which item they wanted.)

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  559. Our son is either happy and all smiles, or he's screaming like he's dying, so we've learned not to over react to the screams. So one day, my hubby picked my son up from his nap – and he was screaming. So my husband decided to cry along with him. The expression on my son's face was hilarious! He immediately got quiet and just looked at his daddy like, "What's wrong with you?!"

  560. I would pick the playard. I remember when my daughter was born, my husband was changing her. She peed right in his face. He couldnt believe it! He thought girls didnt do that, but apparently our did! Thanks for the chance!

  561. my husband tickles our toddler who laughs uncomrtollably, even if you don't touch him. i'd like the playyard

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  565. My son came home from work one day after many many long hours, his wife told him that Carley (my granddaughter) was teething and was crying all day and that she needed a break. My son laid down on the sofa with Carley on his chest, within minutes, both were sound asleep…we took pictures, it was adorable.

  566. oh…I almost forgot, the playyard.


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  579. When my son was first born my husband looked kinda freaked out & asked the nurse if he was supposed to look like that. We caught it on video & I will always remember that. I would probably choose the bouncer.

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  588. I always laugh whenever I hear conversations between my husband, David, and my 4 year old son, Alex. Like one night during dinner, this is how their conversation went:
    Dad – "I like the name Al. Can I call you Al, short for Alex?"
    Son – "Ok. Can I call you Dave?"

    I would choose the portable swing for my baby girl.


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  594. Actually my husband is a hands-on dad! He's great and when our daughter was born he took charge of everything! I was the one scared of breaking the baby or changing the diapers… They are the best buddies and have a very special bond. I just love watching them intereact 🙂
    I would probably choose the Cradle & Sway Swing.

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    Well we haven't had our little one yet (just a couple of months to go!) so I don't have many stories. I'll just tell a cute one. When my husband talks to our baby he puts his face on my tummy and gets as close to it as he can. Most of the time when he talks to it(we don't know what the baby is) it starts moving around all over the place and sometimes bops him in the nose! I love to see him bonding with our sweet little baby before it has even arrived!

  609. anonymous says:

    I entered your Knickernappies reusable nursing pads and one size cloth diaper giveaway.
    I forgot to tell which product I would choose in my first comment. I would probably choose the automatic bouncer.

  610. I would choose the automatic bouncer. Okay, Dad child interaction. When my youngest was a newborn I had to go and run an errand downtown and left her with Daddy who was going to feed her some rice cereal. I left and was gone for about an hour. When I came back my husband had just finished feeding her and recorded the whole thing, an hour of her eating cereal. It was so cute to watch him sit there and spoon it into her mouth for an hour – although this was pretty boring footage except to new parents. THinking of him doing that makes me smile.

  611. I entered the earth mama angel baby giveaway!

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  613. I would get the playard! I love when my hubby lays down on the ground and my 2 girls attack and play with him like they are rowdy boys!

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    When our first son was born, my hubby would get peed on EVERY time he changed his diaper! I would choose the Cradle and Sway Swing!

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  660. I would choose the automatic bouncer.

    My funniest story is when my son was still baking. He was moving around and daddy wanted to feel it so he laid the side of his face on my belly and then our son kicked him right in the eye.

  661. My funniest dad and daughter moment occurs each day at noon. My husband will call during his lunch break to check on us and I put the phone on speaker. Our daughter is only four months and will "talk" to him while looking around to see where he is hiding. It always makes me laugh and is so sweet.

    I would choose the Cradle & Sway swing if I won. We currently have a hand me down swing that is sadly falling apart. We desperately need a new swing!

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  666. My funny story is really only funny because the same thing keeps happening over and over. Any time our daughter has had a leaky diaper while being held – it has always been in my husband's lap. It's happened 3 times in the last month alone! I keep telling him that she's just making up for having squirt-pooped on me when she was a week old and to be happy it's only been pee so far!

    If I win, I'd probably ask for either the play yard or travel swing…

  667. I entered the Franklin Goose drawing.

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  669. My favorite funny story of my daughter and husband happened when she was probably 2 days old. My husband was changing her diaper and she peed on him. He immediately laughed with joy and said "Oh sweetheart, you're so wonderful!" lol, his exuberance over being peed on has certainly faded over the months.

    Picking one of those great Bright Starts products is difficult, but I think we would have to go with the automatic bouncer.

    Hope I win!
    -sarahnbauer at gmail dot com

  670. I entered the mattress protector drawing.

  671. My daughter has had so many funny moments with her dad! One of the funniest was when my husband was trying to help our daughter get more tummy time. He laid down on his back and put the baby on his chest. I tried to warn him that she had just eaten and that position might not be a good idea, but before I could say anything our daughter had spit up on his glasses and in his beard! Yuck!

    I'd choose the automatic bouncer if I won (I think – it's hard to pick!).

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  681. I remember when my son was just a few weeks old and grabbed ahold of my hubby's chest hair and tried to nurse. He was horrified and lost quite a bit of chest hair trying to extricate himself!

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  688. It's always good for a laugh when the baby pees on my husband when he is changing him. I would choose the Portable Swing.

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