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With my third baby on the way and two curious toddlers to tame once he gets here I need to have a safe place that I can put the baby down and know that my little ones won’t be picking him up or stepping on him. The Nap Nanny Chill is a great invention that was born out of necessity. Everyone knows how much babies love to sleep in their car seats. Have you ever thought “Why don’t they make something that a baby can sleep in that is shaped like a car seat?”. That’s exactly how the Nap Nanny was born. Shaped like a car seat, it keeps baby’s head elevated and provides a comfy place for them to relax or snooze.

When Aiden was a baby he needed to sleep with his head elevated due to his acid reflux. I would have loved to have had the Nap Nanny then! I know he would have slept better in it. I know so many moms that have told me that they hate to do it but they let their baby sleep in their car seat because there isn’t a better way to keep their head elevated. The nap nanny is the solution!

The Nap Nanny is great for using both at home and on the go. It comes in a plastic case with a carrying handle so you can protect it and carry it with you when you travel to Grandma’s house.

The plush cover is sooooo soft and cuddly. I’d love to snuggle up in it and take a nap but I don’t think I’ll fit 🙂 It also includes a waterproof liner to protect the foam core. The cover can be easily removed for washing and a safety harness holds baby securely in place. The zipper bottom allows for easy removal.


  • The patented foam design cradles an infant while the safety harness holds baby securely in place.
  • A full line of minky-dot and fashion covers are available, sure to compliment any nursery.
  • The Nap Nanny measures approximately 32″ long, 17.5″ wide, and 10″ high.
  • Weighing only 3 pounds, the Nap Nanny stores easily and travels well.
  • The waterproof, washable cover protects foam for greater longevity.
  • The Nap Nanny Chill was NOT part of our voluntary recall in July 2010

Why we love it: The Nap Nanny Chill is a super soft, comfy place where your baby can relax or sleep while being elevated and off the ground. It’s light and easy to travel with and the cover washes up easily.

Suggestions for improvement: None, I was impressed with the forward thinking of this company. It’s about time someone invents something to provide a solution to a necessity! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought why don’t they make this…

Buy It! You can buy the Nap Nanny Chill in a variety of colors and patterns on their site for $129.99!


*I was provided product for review purposes only and was not compensated for this review.


  1. i actually read this review the other day, but i'm really liking this… looks very comfy!

  2. I'll bet baby sleeps well in this, and I like all the different covers. 🙂

  3. I wish I would have gotten this for my baby, looks so much easier to tote around. Definitely getting it for baby #2

  4. I have been wanting one of these for my little one for awhile now. I think I might just have to look into purchasing one

  5. I am definitely showing my best friend this review. She may be interested in one of these for when her little girl is here 🙂

  6. This looks like a great baby item. I know that my daughter often falls asleep in her car seat and I feel bad for leaving her in it, but with this we could have the best of both worlds. She could sleep in a cozy upright position and I could feel goof about leaving her in such a position! :0)

  7. Tania mitchell says:

    I know this product is recalled but I used one w my first baby & loved it! Where can I buy one? I borrowed one before!

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