All Things Baby! AMP Diapers now available in the US!

Being 15 weeks pregnant I’ve got baby on the brain! That means I just love finding great baby products and I can’t wait to have a newborn around here again! Eyla’s Imports is the importer and distributor of all natural, organic and healthy products. They have some great products that they are bringing to the US and some of them I have already reviewed and loved!

I’ve featured reviews of AMP diapers before and I was really impressed with them. They are now available in the US at retailers like and All Things Diapers.

You can check out my reviews of the AMP All in Two diaper, AMP AIO diaper and the AMP duo diaper. My only con that I listed was that I wished they were more widely available in the US and now I’m happy to say they are!

They also have AMP diaper kits available to make your diapering experience even easier! Everything you need in a nice package. AMP carries a great warranty and now you can try them out too!

Another great company that will have products available in the US soon is Momma Nature. They have all natural products like Baby Spritz for use with cloth wipes, natural antibacterial hand spritz and even cleaning products.

Peapod Creations is available to customers in the US now! They make a great and award winning baby wrap called the cuddly wrap as well as quality burp cloths and blankets. Stay tuned for an upcoming review and giveaway of their great products! Peapod Creations are available from All Things Diapers and All Modern Baby!
If you would like AMP, Momma Nature and Peapod Creations products available at your local retailer please send retailer referrals to They are happy to get their products out and available in your area!


*Although I was compensated for this post my opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Fantastic sounding products! Thanks for sharing!
  2. anonymous says:
    those are adorable- thank for letting us know!!!
  3. I love baby wraps, they are so neat. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Wow, everything looks like EXACTLY what I need! I have a 10 week old :)
  5. Wow a diaper kit would make such a great baby gift.
  6. I love AMP diapers. Almost makes me want to have another baby to use them again. LOL!
  7. anonymous says:
    That diaper kit would make a great baby shower present!
  8. We are very lucky to have AMP right here in our city (Winnipeg). Yay to Annie for breaking into the US market with her amazing product!
  9. anonymous says:
    I never really used a wrap or sling with my other kids, but with another baby on the way I really think it would be useful this time. I'm definitely going to look around for a good baby carrier!
  10. Those AMP diapers are so cute! and they come in SO MANY colors! I'm not sure I could ever decide on just one ;)
  11. The Momma Nature products look amazing! I'll definately look into buying the natural bug spray when they get it back in stock!
  12. The diaper kit looks really great!
  13. I want a good wrap for this baby due in a couple weeks! =)
  14. These look like great products. I have a good friend who is looking for a wrap, I'll have to share this with her. Thanks!
  15. anonymous says:
    Thanks for the reference Sarah, Momma Nature cannot WAIT to make our entry into the US very soon!
  16. Oh wow, you have a great collection of baby products listed there!
  17. Everything looks so soft and cozy! I never used a carrier or wrap...this one looks so nice, but maybe a bit complicated? Maybe a demo on YouTube would be good? My daughter JUST said last night she's gonna try cloth diapers.

    thanks so much!
  18. I've been a little hesitant to try cloth diapers in the past, but if they make it as easy as getting a diaper kit to start out, I might give it a shot. Thanks for the review!
  19. anonymous says:
    I'm excited about this giveaway! I did not use carriers much at all with my first baby, but with my next baby I'd love to try a wrap. So, I'm especially excited about the Cuddly Wrap! It looks like the best way to carry an infant for sure, and it's awesome that it's certified organic too. Thanks, and I can't wait for this one!

    katiekstewart at gmail dot com
  20. anonymous says:
    I went to their website and everything looks awesome! The CuddlyWrap looks so cozy and comfortable for the baby, would love the pink one :) and Love the little pocket that the blanket has, can stick anything in there! Love the giveaway!
  21. anonymous says:
    That sounds super! I'd love to win! Just had a baby in late January, so these things would get lotsa use=) I love baby wearing and did it lots with the toddler. Newest baby usually liks it too=)
  22. anonymous says:
    Love this for my Grandaughter... they didn't have these when mine were litte - they're FABulous!!!
  23. anonymous says:
    My daughter just bought this flimsy carrier thingy the other night and our grandchild is NOT going in there! This one looks so soft and safe...much better!

    Thanks for the info on the giveaway!
  24. I'm 38 wks pregnant and would LOVE to have one of these for my new baby. Too cute!
  25. I'm 32 weeks pregnant with my first. These all sound like such great products! I've been looking for a soft and comfortable baby wrap and I think I just found the perfect one with Cuddly Wraps!
  26. I actually just got my first AMP and I love it. Hubby likes pockets and I like prefolds/covers. We get both diapers in one!
  27. I've never used cloth diapers in the past, but these sure look super cute. I love the colors!
  28. These look soft, colorful and economical! Plus less landfill waste. :)
    fatmeatloaf1 at gmail dot com
  29. Great looking products...I never used a wrap or sling with my other child, but I am looking forward to using one this time around, thanks for the info.
  30. I love the diaper kit. What a great idea! Especially for a gift!
  31. i love the peapod.. looks comfy!

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