5 Ways iPads Can Increase Your Work Productivity

Everyone is looking for ways and means of becoming more productive. Increased productivity makes you feel more organized, in control, and accomplished, according to an Ere Media report. Since your smartphone and tablet is basically on you at all times, you can make your iPad experience more productive by checking out these five tips. They will help you stay on track and get more done.

5 Ways iPads Can Increase Your Work Productivity

Get a Keyboard and Stylus

You can get a lot more achieved with these add-ons, increasing your productivity. The market contains many keyboards that offer you functionality and design in a tidy package, making your gadget almost as cool as a Macbook Air with the advantages of an iPad.

There are also lots of styluses on the market. Some have a ballpoint pen built in, saving you the hassle of always carrying both a pen and a stylus. Some models on the market give you a combo of a stylus, pencil, and two-color ballpoint pen, as an all-in-one tool.

Use the Cloud to Move Files to and from Your Gadget

To get the most out of your iPad, you will want to have a means of getting your files from multiple locations, including your smartphone. You will also want a way to share your files with collaborators and friends.

Dropbox is one such application that allows you to upload and access files from your desktop, laptop or smartphone via the Web. You can share the files with your clients. On your device, you can also specify who you want to have the ability to read documents offline. Several apps on the App Store allow you to open and save your documents directly on the cloud.

Other apps also allow you to save and edit documents on the Web as you share with others. Also worth checking out are apps that offer you the capability to work with zipped folders and file management functions.

Editing and Viewing Spreadsheets, Documents and Presentations

Download apps for viewing and storing a library of PowerPoint presentations. Often, you will want to do more than viewing. Use your stylus to create PDF files with handwritten comments, highlights, and notes, and then email the final document.

You can also edit presentations, documents, and spreadsheets, either by working on an already existing file or starting one from scratch. Another option is to connect to an online server that allows you to use Microsoft Office suite programs in the cloud.

Take Notes

Note-taking during talks or meetings is one of the biggest attraction points of iPad deals on DailySale. The Notes app that is included in the gadget is great, but there are other options available that offer you additional functionality. If you are passive as you take notes, Daily Notes by Fluid Touch Pte. Ltd is an excellent app that allows you to organize your notes using dates, according to its high ratings on the iTunes store. You can also tag your notes into categories.

However, if you are looking to highlight critical points, you can insert comments in different colors or use your stylus to add handwritten comments. Another great note taking app is Notability, which allows you to take notes as you try and organize your thoughts. Once you have completed a session, you have the option of pasting your final draft into Daily Notes for an easy and findable record.

Stay Connected with the World

The iPad makes it extremely easy for you to stay in touch. Many iTunes apps offer you a layered approach that allows you to quickly skim headlines and the first few lines before you decide whether you want to read the entire article.

Many traditional media companies also have great apps. These include the BBC News, Intelligent Life, and The Economist apps. Newspapers are also joining the bandwagon, with The Guardian and The New York Times giving you a means to search for news stories on specific niches.

The alternative approach is to use iPad apps to create your very own informal news magazine. Some apps allow you to quickly set up and tap into a large inventory of content according to your interests. For the adventurous, there are apps that allow you to set up your news magazines if you get them through RSS feeds. You can include feeds from the traditional media outlets as well as branch out to feeds from many other interesting websites and blogs.

Lots of interesting debates take place outside traditional media, and your iPad now makes it all that much easier to follow such debates. You have the option of setting up RSS feeds from journals, working papers, and many other document storehouses.

Perhaps one of the best ways to stay updated is by using Twitter. However, you need to invest some time into creating lists of people or companies you want to follow. You will also find that there are generous people out there who will share what they read with whoever is following them.

For a little downtime, you will find great apps that allow you to watch movies on your device while online. Others allow you to carry movies with you and watch them offline. Finally, you can improve sound quality while watching a movie or listening to music by adding external mini-speakers.


  1. Great article. I bought a keyboard for mine which makes it feel like a laptop. Love it.

  2. I love my iPad – agree I am much more productive with it! Thanks for sharing your post over at #HomeMattersParty

  3. I feel much more productive with my iPad – especially with the keyboard as I can type more quickly on a keyboard than on the screen. I love how portable it is!

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