Must Haves For Mom & Baby Event: Bumbo Floor Seat & Play Tray! {+ Giveaway!}

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Must Have Mom
There are certain products that stand out as must have essentials. Over the years one of those products has been the Bumbo baby seat. I had one with all of my children and loved them.

Aiden in his Bumbo

I looked back through the archives and found this old picture of Aiden in his Bumbo! He is now three years old and I can’t believe how little he once was!! We took our Bumbo floor seat with us to hotels and whenever we traveled it was our go to site to help him sit up and see the world around him. Of course we used it a ton at home too. It was one thing I was really sad I had gotten rid of after we thought we were done having babies. Now that I am pregnant with baby #4 it was on my list of must haves for baby.

Bumbo Baby Seat

The Bumbo is still available in my favorite blue color! They now sell seat covers for them too which I would love to get. They have some adorable patterns to choose from!

Bumbo Strap

There has been an important safety update to the Bumbo since the days that Aiden used it. It now has a safety strap built into it! After reading many stories of parents using them improperly I am glad to see the safety strap. I never had an issue with my kids getting hurt in a Bumbo and I’m certain that is because I used it as intended and didn’t leave them unsupervised in it or put them up on anything other than the floor. The Bumbo is a floor seat and it is intended to be used ONLY on the floor so please do not put your baby in your Bumbo on the counter or a chair! It’s not safe and it’s not intended to be used on elevated surfaces. Now you can strap them in for added safety.

Bumbo and Tray

I loved my Bumbo Play Tray when my kids were little! It allowed me to give them their toys within reach and I could easily let them eat cheerios in their Bumbo or feed them in it. The tray is easy to attach and comes in really handy! It’s also really easy to clean!

Bumbo with Tray

The Bumbo is ideal for helping your baby sit up supported before they are able to on their own. Your baby will need to be able to hold their head up before using it, but once they’ve mastered that then they can sit up supported in the Bumbo and look at the world around them! You’ll be amazed at how much babies like to see everything from a different perspective than the laying on the floor. It’s great for engaging them and entertaining them!

Every Bumbo that is sold also helps support Bumbo Cares. Bumbo Cares has been able to give back more than 10 million dollars to help families in need in Pretoria, South Africa since 2005. Through the Bumbo Cares programs, they’ve aided more than 1,200 children, have touched the lives of more than 15,000 students in local schools, and assisted tens of thousands of people in our broader community. Help support this great mission by purchasing a Bumbo!

You can buy the Bumbo and Play Tray at retailers near you including Target!

Win a Bumbo Floor Seat & Play Tray at Must Have Mom! Ends 11-18

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  1. larissa b says:

    i like the blue one shown in your pictures. :)

  2. Gina Blomgren says:

    I would love the aqua one!

  3. Heather N says:


  4. I love the pink! I’ve heard great things about the bumbos, I’ll definitely be getting one. Though it’d be nice to win one! :)

  5. Would make a wonderful baby gift

  6. Laura Miller says:

    I like the aqua color.

  7. i love the aqua!

  8. Really love this seat

  9. That’s the color I had before giving it away thinking I wouldn’t have anymore kids. And now baby #4 is on the way, lol. Hoping to win… I loved my bumbo!

  10. mint green!

  11. I would get blue

  12. Heidi Daily says:

    My favorite color is the pink

  13. Mint Green or Aqua

  14. The blue Bumbo is my favorite

  15. i would love to have the lilac one!

  16. I like the Bumbo Floor Seat in Aqua.

  17. I love the aqua and lime!

  18. love the lilac one

  19. vanessa richard says:

    my favorite color is lime

  20. blue is my favorite!

  21. Lilac is my favorite!

  22. owls

  23. D SCHMIDT says:

    My favorite color is the Aqua

  24. Linda Kish says:

    I like the blue best.

  25. Sonya Morris says:

    My favorite color Bumbo is the lime.

  26. My favorite color Bumbo is mint green.

  27. Elizabeth B says:

    I like the pink

  28. Kimberly Schotz says:

    I like the Blue Bumbo best

  29. amy pugmire says:

    I love the aqua bumbo

  30. I like it in blue

  31. Stacey Roberson says:

    I like the blue seat.

  32. Carrie Phelps says:

    My favorite color is the Lime.

  33. Alex Liz Robinson says:

    I like the Aqua color.

  34. I love the aqua and the lime colors! Too cute!

  35. I love the Aqua bumbo

  36. love pink

  37. Colleen Maurina says:

    My favorite Bumbo color is Lime.

  38. lime

  39. brooke thoams says:

    Bumbo Floor Seat – Aqua

  40. Paol Trenny says:

    I like the Bumbo Floor Seat – Lilac

  41. Bumbo Floor Seat – Blue

  42. I like the blue.

  43. I would choose this color for my grandson; Bumbo Floor Seat – Aqua

  44. Marissa M says:

    I love the aqua colored one!

  45. I like the lilac bumbo.

  46. christine jessamine says:

    i love this in aqua

  47. nannypanpan says:


  48. I like the lime color

  49. Mariaelena Dominguez says:

    I love the aqua, I always wanted this for my daughter. She still can’t sit up

  50. tracie brown says:

    Mint green

  51. Would live one for my grandkids.

  52. Miranda Welle says:

    Lime because it goes for boys and girls.

  53. I like the Lilac color Bumbo

  54. I like the mint green

  55. My favorite color is the Lime.

  56. lime for me

  57. Oh I really love the Mint Green!

  58. I like the Lime color!

  59. I would pick Aqua

  60. I love the Aqua one

  61. Dawn Monroe says:

    I like the owls and rose pink.

  62. I like the Lime Green Seat

  63. Terra Heck says:

    My favorite is the aqua one. Thanks.

  64. Danielle Jones says:

    I like the blue one

  65. Teresa Thompson says:

    I would choose blue.

  66. Michelle Tucker says:

    The lime is my favorite.

  67. Melinda Stephens says:

    My favorite is the aqua.

  68. I’d like to have the pretty Rose Pink

  69. I’d like Lilac please!


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