2011 Holiday Gift Guide: Tonka Chuck and Friends

This is one of my favorite gift picks for little boys. Mainly because I had so much fun watching my kids play with them. We have many Tonka Chuck and Friends products that Aiden has gotten as gifts and such but I think these are the coolest of them all. Check out the Tonka Chuck & Friends Racin’ Vehicles.

 All your child has to do is push down on the top and off they zoom! It’s so much fun watching them! It’s really easy to push down so even the little ones can do it on their own. The best part? No batteries! Totally kid powered. Watch them push them down and watch as their car zooms away. Then they are off to chase it down and do it all over again.

I recommend getting a few of them for a lot of fun play time! Danika and Aiden had a blast sending them back and forth to one another. Then they started crashing them into one another. The play lasted forever and the kids loved it!

Buy It! You can buy these totally cool, kid powered Tonka Chuck & Friends Racin’ Vehicles at a retailer near you or online. They sell for around $9.99!


*I was provided product for review purposes only
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  1. These are adorable! I was actually thinking about getting some of these trucks to put in Alea's stocking!
  2. These trucks are so cute! My grandson has little cars he loves rolling on the hardwoods. He would love these!
  3. Great price on these! I can see that they'd provide hours of fun. :)

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