15 No Bake Pie Recipes! Celebrate Pie, No Oven Required!

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You don’t really need an excuse to celebrate pie, but seeing as I somehow missed National Pie Day on January 23rd I am going to instead celebrate National Pi Day on March 14th. Okay, so Pie and Pi aren’t exactly the same thing. One has to do with decadent desserts that tantalize my taste buds and the other brings back nightmares of high school math where I tried to master the mathematical equations day in and day out. Since I’m not a huge fan of all that Pi entails, I’m going to celebrate Pi day with actual PIE instead of doing dreaded math equations! Sound good? Celebrate with me! I’ve put together a collection of 15 no bake pie recipes that are sure to delight your palate, no oven required.

What’s better than pie? Pie that you don’t have to bake! Next time you need a pie in a hurry (well who doesn’t want a pie in a hurry?), tap into one of these amazing recipes for an easy, no bake dessert. These will come in handy this Summer when I don’t want to fire up the oven but I’m in need of a dessert for the family!

No Bake Chocolate Mousse Oreo Pie

Now the hardest questions is which one to make first? Which one looks most enticing to you?


  1. Oh my, that looks absolutely delicious! Love pie and Oreos, what a great combo. 😉

  2. No bake pies are always my favorite and about the only type of pie I “bake”.

  3. My daughter loves to make pies and I think she’d have a blast making (and the eating!) the oreo pie! Plus, I’m physically incapable of making an edible pie crust, so huge score there with the cookie crust that is basically foolproof!

  4. No bake – that’s my kind of pie!!!

  5. Yum! That looks so good! I love no bake pies. They are they only pies I’ve ever made!

  6. vickie couturier says:

    those are the only kind of pies I can make are the no bake ones,,the others I always burn

  7. No bake pies are definitely my kind of pies! I want that oreo one now!

  8. Oh, definitely love the no bake idea! I love love LOVE them! I want to make them all.

  9. no bake pies are my favorite, I don’t like most cooked pies!

  10. No bake pies – you’re genius! Totally going for the cookie dough ice cream pie, although they all look amazing!

  11. I LOVE no bake pies! Half the time I mess up it’s because of the crust and then it gets all weird. I’m a cracker crust and refrigerator girl. Can’t wait to try a few of these!!!

  12. Oh, I love no bake pies! They’re perfect for last minute desserts.

  13. No bake pies are definitely my favorite, especially cheesecake ones!

  14. OMG pie, and you don’ t need to bake it. I’m ready! Checking them out now, thanks.

  15. I love no bake pies… it’s nice to be able to have pie, easily and quickly. 🙂

  16. How can you go wrong with a no bake pies. You pulled me in just right there.

  17. We used to make a similar Oreo pie for my dad every year for Father’s Day & his birthday! These all look awesome, I love no-bake recipes!

  18. These are great for the summer!

  19. It was hard to pick a favorite – maybe the pumpkin cheesecake? Anyway, great idea for a pie roundup and perfect for when it gets a bit warmer around here!

  20. No baking is my kinda pie 🙂 The cookie Dough ice cream pie looks divine 🙂

  21. That’s a tasty list! I think the s’mores pie would be up my alley.

  22. shelly peterson says:

    oh yum! I love pie! What’s even better if you can make a yummy dessert that is no bake.

  23. Oh I love these types of pies! So easy and quick and a fun dessert! That Individual Strawberry Cream pie looks so good!

  24. This is for me. I love the idea and they are wonderful too!! I will be back to take another look and cook a couple of these up..


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